Laptop vs Desktop? Which should I buy?

The battle of the laptop vs desktop is not over now it has been going on since the laptop came out. The first confusion every ordinary person has when they think of getting a device is to choose between a laptop or a desktop.

in this article, we discuss what would be good for work professionals and what would be good for students and what would be good for heavy gamers.

Laptop vs Desktop

At the end of our competency article, we will talk about why you should take a laptop and why you should take a desktop.


Without any doubt, portability makes the difference between a desktop and a laptop.

A desktop PC is heavy and it is not movable easily on the other hand laptops are very lightweight and very portable.

For example, you are a businessman or an employee you planning to use your system in the office for work purposes and at the same time you’re planning to use it at your home for entertainment purposes then this is only possible on laptops.

if You are a student then the laptop is best for you because students need to go to college hostels or friends places for doing assignments that’s why the laptop is best for those type of situations.

Laptop vs Desktop PORTABILITY

People turn to laptops for another situation when they don’t have enough space in their house to keep a computer.

If you do a lot of travel-related work, then there is no doubt that a laptop is the best for you.


The second and other important thing is price. in this comprehensive comparison article on a laptop vs desktop, price plays a very vital role.

Without any confusion, the desktop is the clear winner in the price segment. Desktop gives you the freedom to choose multiple brands component that really saves money.

On desktop, you can choose component according to your need and budget that a laptop fails to provide.

If you buy any laptop for example HP laptop So it totally depends on HP what things they will use on their laptop.

Let’s imagine if you have a budget of around 50k in this budget you will easily get a laptop that offers an i5 10th generation CPU with a decent dedicated graphics card.

on the other hand under the 50k price segment, you can easily build a desktop with a more powerful processor and 4GB dedicated graphics card.

In a simple word when it comes to value for money the desktop is the clear cut winner.


gaming totally depends on your graphics card. If you want to play a high refresh rate 4K games then this can only possible on a desktop because a big and heavy performance giving graphics card can only fit on desktops.

another thing is desktop has that space to reduce the graphics card heat dissipation that the laptop fails to provide.

On a laptop, the situation is a little bit different. There is not much space inside a laptop that can fit a large graphics card.

Laptop vs Desktop

That’s why the laptop manufacturer failed to insert a high-performance GPU Another problem with laptops is that they don’t have enough space to heat dissipate.

That’s why if you want to play heavy graphics related game then that is only possible on a desktop.

I’m not saying that laptops are bad for playing games, but laptops aren’t as good as a desktop.


It’s almost impossible to talk about Laptop vs Desktop and not talk CPU there.

Honestly, there is not much difference between CPU performance between laptop and desktop.

But the problem is all the latest generation powerful CPU is only built for desktops. If you have knowledge of desktop then you must know this.

The processor for laptops was created one to two years after the processor was released for the desktop.

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It also depends on your work types and work professions. like video editors or heavy VFX, designers need heavy CPU performance that’s why desktop will be good for them.

On the other hand, a normal graphic designer and YouTube video editor or office user can do their task on a laptop CPU that’s why the laptop is recommended for those type of works.

In short for processing a laptop and a computer is almost similar there is not a very big difference.


When it comes to UPGRADABILITY without any discussion the desktop is the winner because on a desktop you can change every component without having any high-level knowledge.

For example, for upgrading your desktop Ram you just need to open the computer side panel after that insert your ram stick that’s it.

In one word on a desktop, you can upgrade almost every part. On the other hand on a laptop, you can hardly upgrade the laptop storage and Ram.

On the market most of the reputed brand offer at least 1 empty slot for Ram upgradability.

In short in a laptop, there are very few upgradability limitations and on a desktop, you can upgrade almost every component.

Display & Screen Size

The professional content creator or heavy 4K editor needs a good display with big screen sizes that’s why it is also important parts of choosing a desktop or laptop.

In the market, the highest laptop screen sizes available is 17 inches that are also good for most people. Heavy 4K editors need bigger display sizes on a desktop you will have the freedom to use any sizes screen.

In a desktop PC, you can go up to 15 inches, 20 inches, 25 inches 24 inches and some other big-screen sizes.

Display & Screen Size

This type of big display is best for content creators and heavy professional workers. In short, it totally depends on you if you can do your work on 15.6 inches or a big 17.6 inches display then you can go with a laptop.

but if you do 4k Editing you need big pictures then you need a desktop.

When it comes to quality then in the Indian market most of every laptop manufacturing brand offers the highest FHD display but on a Desktop, you can go with 2K and 4K displays which is also a plus point of a desktop.


We reach the Laptop vs Desktop comprehensive article end now we are going to see why to choose a laptop and why we need to choose a desktop.

Why Choose a Laptop?

Frankly, if you need portability usability and good performance then there was no doubt that a laptop is best for you.

If you don’t have any problem with small screen sizes and If you have no problem spending a little more money then you can go with a laptop.

And if the performance of your graphics card is a little low, then a laptop can be a good device for you.

If you satisfied with your graphics card is a little low performance, then a laptop can be a good device for you.

In short, if you are an employee for working professionals or traveller then there is no doubt laptop is for you.

Why Choose Desktop?

Then the question is who is a desktop?

If you need high performance with an attractive price range and if you need the best gaming peripheral accessories with big screens then the desktop is for you.

Before purchasing any desktop remember one thing You can’t move a Desktop from one place to another very easily. There are no portability features on the desktop.

In a single word if you need heavy performance at a reasonable price and you do heavy work like 4K video editing heavy gaming then a desktop is an ideal device for your uses.


This is the comprehensive guide on laptop vs desktop which should I buy?

If you have any doubt about selecting your perfect device then comment below we will surely reply back your comment within an hour.

or if you’re struggling to find the perfect laptop for your need then you can also check out our website another article you will get your perfect fit.

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