Is Avita laptop good? Are AVITA laptops worth it? Avita laptop review 2021

When we search for the best value for money laptop manufacturing brand the fast name that we hear is AVITA.

Now many of us think is Avita laptop good for multitasking and heavy productivity task?

AVITA is a new laptop manufacturing brand so it is very common for such questions to come to our minds.

Is Avita laptop good

Because whenever we want to buy a laptop in the market the big names which coms in front of us are Asus, MI, Lenovo and MSI.

Now the question is why would we buy an AVITA laptop despite having laptops from such a good brand.

If you are also confused then don’t worry at end of this article you will get your answer is Avita laptop worth it.


Avita laptop is started in the United State as a startup after few years a famous Hong Kong-based tech company Nexstgo owned this brand. Now in 2021, this brand is operating from Hong Kong.

Because Avita laptops are made in Hongkong that’s why Avita can offer their laptop at a cheap price rate.

If you don’t know then let me tell you Hong Kong labour cost is much cheaper than India that’s why they can offer their products in an affordable price range.

Slowly in the Indian market Avita trying to create great market popularity using their value for money and highest specific devices.

In short, the parent company of Avatar always try to create high-performance value for money devices that’s why they get many awards.

Last year this company won CES 2020 award for its ultra-slim design laptops and superior build quality.

Is Avita laptop good?

Few famous questions related to Avita laptops are should I buy an Avita laptop or Avita laptops worth it.

Before answering this question first you need to understand that it doesn’t matter you purchase any expensive laptops like Apple or any budget laptop not every single product of a brand are not good.

Some of them offer super performance and specifications and some of them offer very bad performance and specifications at the same price.

When we planning to purchase an Avita laptop under a selecting price range there we find a device with great specification and super performance as well as we find a device with decent specifications and a very bad design.

But these days almost every laptop from Avita are good in performance and specifications.

Few people think Avita is a new laptop manufacturing branded that’s why they don’t have good after-sales services but this is not the correct answer.

Yes, I know Avita is a new laptop manufacturing brand in India But gradually Avita is opening their service centres in every city so that their users get after-sale service very well.

In simple words, the short and sweet answer is yes Avita laptops are good in performance and specifications but not all laptops are offer super performance.

In the below section we mention some Avita laptops that are good in performance and after-sales services.

you can be sure that all the blue present laptops are good for doing all of your important tasks.

1. AVITA LIBER V14 – Best AVITA laptop under 40k in India

AVITA LIBER V14 is the most popular laptop which helps AVITA creating a great market reputation.

Inside this laptop, brand use all popular features and specification with smart technologies which make this one of the best AVITA laptops in India.

this laptop runs on a 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor which brings incredible fast CPU speed and rendering performance.

This 10th generation i5 CPU is capable of running almost every modern software which makes these perfect feet for every professional user.

It comes with 14 inches compact FHD display which enables high clarity images and colour boost pictures.

The colour accuracy of this laptop is good for indoor as well as outdoor uses.

On this device, AVITA uses 512 GB SSD storage and 8GB DDR4 RAM the combination of both enable high-quality multitasking performance and improve the laptop smoothness.

It has a dedicated fingerprint sensor for protecting your data and important software from your friend’s colleagues and family members.

On the graphics front, this laptop has integrity Intel UHD graphics 620 which is good for normal graphics related tasks but remember this laptop is not built for heavy gaming or heavy 4K video editing.

Despite being so many specifications and a powerful CPU AVITA didn’t compromise on build quality.

The laptop is made with aluminium which makes this durable and it has only 1.2 kg of weight with 17.5 mm of thickness which makes this a perfect device for caring in your backpack.

on the battery performance, it has a big 4 cell battery which enables an average of 10 hours big battery backup.

Last Verdict:- If you looking for a laptop around 40K then this is the best option for you because it has an i5 10th generation CPU with big storage and superior build quality.



2. AVITA ADMIROR NS14 – gothic Architecture metallic chassis laptop

This is another performance giving laptop from AVITA this laptop has cool features with the stylish looking build quality.

It comes with 14 inches screen size that has minimal bezels and this screen is capable of showing micro detail colours and bright pictures in indoor as well as outdoor sunlight situations.

Because of this compact 14-inch screen size, AVITA fails to provide a dedicated number pad that’s why if you are an office user or employee then you may facing some problems in typing.

On this device, AVITA uses an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor which is good for decent multitasking and CPU rendering.

I don’t know why inside this device AVITA use an 8th generation CPU because at this price you will easily get an i5 10th generation laptop.

For doing good multitasking brand used 4 GB DDR4 Ram which is also upgradeable up to 16GB. for storing your software movies and other data it has 256 GB SSD storage.

On the graphics front, it has integrated graphics 620 which is good for normal photo editing and video watching.

the highlighted part of this laptop is design and build quality which makes this different from others. Its build with gothic Architecture metallic chassis make this durable and give a premium feel.

Some other laptop features like fingerprint reader seamless connectivity options and effortless touch control enhance the laptop performance further.

inside this AVITA also use a big battery which is capable of delivering an average of 9 hours of screen on time.

Last Verdict:- This AVITA laptop is good for normal uses or housewives but please don’t purchase this device for heavy video editing and multitasking because it has an old generation processor and the storage capacity of this device is not that big.



3. AVITA PURA NS14A6INT441 – Decent performance laptop

This is a budget laptop that AVITA create for school students and normal family uses. This is not the best one but at this budget, it has some great specifications and features.

Inside this device AVITA user 8th generation Intel core i3 processor which is good enough for running all of your casual software.

The laptop comes with 14 inches screen but it has slightly bigger Bezels which many may not like.

This 14 inches display is good for enjoying YouTube videos web shows and Netflix content. The colour accuracy of this display is not that good in outdoor conditions.

For doing all of your normal multitasking it featured 4GB DDR4 RAM which is upgradable up to 16 GB if future needed.

it has 256 GB SSD storage which is also a great thing because under this price range very few laptops offer SSD storage.

On this budget device, AVITA uses integrated Intel UHD graphics which is decent for running videos and normal graphics related tasks but remember this laptop is not made for gaming and video editing.

Despite being a budget it provides good build quality which in hand doesn’t feel cheap.

It has 1.3 kg of weight which makes this a perfect student laptop for carrying in your backpack.

At this price, AVITA also includes a big 4 cell lithium-ion battery which is capable of delivering an average of 7.5 hours of battery backup.

Last Verdict:- this laptop is good for those who need a budget device for their kids or wife. But before selecting this remember this laptop is not built for heavy multitasking and heavy gaming.



4. AVITA Essential Refresh NE14A2INC43A –  best budget AVITA laptop under 20K

This is the only device that AVITA launches under 20k price. Avita creates this laptop for those who can’t afford an expensive device and for those who need a device for doing their basic task.

at this price, this device offers so many features and specifications that I don’t think any other laptop can offer.

The best-highlighted part of this laptop is 128 GB SSD storage which improves the overall system performance and increased laptop booting speed.

this budget device runs on a Celeron-N4020 CPU. before selecting this remember the CPU good for running normal software like Wordpad, Microsoft office or simple browsing.

the CPU is not an idle choice for running any photo editing or video editing software.

At this price, AVITA tries to maintain the build and finishing which is also a plus point of this device.

It comes with 14 inches full HD display with 4 mm narrow bezels. under 20,000 this is the only laptop that has an FHD display.

some other laptop features like an integrated HD webcam, island stylish keyboard and HDMI port enhance the laptop experience further.

On the battery front, AVITA uses a 3 cells battery which enables an average of 6 to 7 hours of battery backup.

Last Verdict:- This is decent advice for those who don’t have enough money and for those who need a laptop for their online classes or any basic work.

Before selecting this laptop remember this device has only 128 GB storage that’s why you may face some storage issues.



1. Is AVITA laptop good for gaming?

The short and sweet answer is NO because for gaming you need a powerful graphics memory that can run all of your graphics tasks.

Most of the AVITA laptops available in India do not have a dedicated graphics card. 

Please remember without any graphics card you don’t get a good experience in your normal and heavy gaming.

2. Is avita laptop good for programming?

Yes, AVITA laptops especially build for doing productivity tasks like programming, coding, Android development etc.

I think the AVITA LIBER V14 is the best value for money laptop available in India.

Inside this device, AVITA uses a 10th generation i5 processor which enables high-quality CPU performance in your coding sessions.

3. Are avita laptops good for college students?

Yes for a student AVITA is one of the best value for money laptops that they can buy.

For a student the AVITA library 14 and AVITA Essential Refresh NE14 Is the best option.

Please remember this laptop is only good for running normal college study-related software this laptop is not an ideal choice for running your productivity and heavy video editing software.

last few words

I think this article help you to get your answer is AVITA laptop good? 

In this article, we mention all the important things that you need to know before purchasing your AVITA laptop. we also mention some best laptops which are available in the Indian market.

I would also like to mention on the official AVITA website you will find a few laptops but they are not that popular and value for money products that’s why we didn’t include them.

in short, not all AVITA laptops are good but AVITA has few popular values for money and good Specification laptop which make this a good brand.

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