How to Use Laptop on Bed without the Issue of Overheating?

As the name suggests, ‘laptops’ are to be carried on the laps! But can laptops be used only while on your laps? What are the likely effects of using a laptop on the bed without causing it to overheat?

If you must carry your laptop on your lap, chances are that you get tired. Your gaze will be directed at a fixed object thereby putting some strain on your neck.

And, two, if you have to always put your laptop on the table, it reduces the flexibility of the use of the laptop, making it function as a desktop.

How To Use Laptop On Bed Without Overheating

There must be other convenient ways of using the laptop without causing harm to you or your laptop.

In this article, we want to analyze the effects of using the laptop on the bed and recommend ways to prevent it from overheating.

Yeah, we’re sure you’ll get value out of your time reading this article on how to use a laptop on a bed without facing overheating.

How to Use Laptop on Bed without the Issue of Overheating?

How Heat Dissipation is Managed In Laptops?

Every laptop is fitted with some very small ‘legs’ or ‘stands’ to which the device sits or stands on a surface. Though very tiny, they enable the laptop to be raised a bit over any surface on which it’s placed. 

When the laptop is placed on your lap or any flat surface, these stands make it possible for the laptop to be raised above the surface it’s placed on. This allows the laptop to emit air from the computer vents.

Also, laptops designed for purposes like data analytics & data science, financial modelling, gaming, video editing etc. have little vents either underneath them or on the sides. These vents permit the laptop to ventilate or breathe out air. The raised surface gives the vents outlets to give out air from the computer.

Through these vents and ventilation, the computer is able to maintain its cooling systems. When no ventilation takes place, the laptop tends to overheat.

It means that laptops are designed to be placed on the lap, or be placed on a surface such as tables. However, you should also keep in mind that using it on your lap for an excessive timeframe could lead to health issues like skin burn or skin-related issues on your thighs.

So, if you’re using it on your lap then make sure that you’re using it on your lap for a limited timeframe only.

However, due to the fact that oftentimes one needs to work at night, or even watch movies on your laptop at your convenience, there may arise a need to carry your laptop to bed.

Why Your Laptop Is Overheating While Using On Bed?

The bed usually has a soft surface. When a laptop is placed on the bed, there is a likely hood of the laptop “sinking” deeper into the bed, blocking the vents, thereby preventing the vents from breathing. This will automatically cause the laptop to overheat.

Also, there is not only the issue of overheating, we intend to provide you with a safe solution to the problem you’re facing. So, we’ve avoided solutions like using it on your lap or keeping it in touch with your skin for a longer time.

So, don’t mind if you’re expecting us to mention a solution that’s not reliable to recommend in this article.

Now, let’s first take a look at some of the key factors that may cause an issue of overheating your laptop.

How Heat Dissipation is Managed In Laptops?

Key Factors Causing Laptop to Catch Heat Too Fast

  • Overusing a laptop for a long time than usual, advised could cause your laptop to catch heat quickly.
  • Dead battery, corrupted hard disk, expired processing unit or GPU could also lead your laptop towards the issue of overheating.
  • Blocking dissipation vents could cause the laptop to get overheated.
  • Running multiple programs at once without giving your laptop the rest it needs, might also make your laptop catch heat too fast.
  • Virus & malicious programs that run behind your back and sucks your laptop’s efficiency and power could also force your laptop to catch heat too fast.
  • Some authentic programs also require too much memory & processing efficiency to run properly and such programs can make your laptop’s resources get overloaded too quick that leading to overheating.

How To Use Laptop On Bed Without Overheating?

If you desire to use your laptop at the convenience of your bed, all you need to do is:

1. Place Laptop on a Book

Place the laptop on a book or a hard surface on your bed. When this is done, the legs will be able to sit on the surface of the books, thereby lifting up the vents to let out the air. 

When this is done, your laptop is able to ventilate air and makes it convenient to use while you lay on the bed.

2. Get a Sturdy or a Firm Base

Get a Sturdy or any Firm Base. You can get a sturdy too which the laptop can be fitted while you enjoy the comfort of your bed and watch videos and work on your laptop. The sturdy is not expensive. 

Since it’s going to be a recurrent need, you need it to work on your laptop while on your bed. Remember, you’re just preventing the laptop from overheating while using it on your bed, and at your convenience. 

3. Get a Cooling Pad

Get a Cooling Pad. A cooling pad is also known as a chill mat. It’s an accessory for reducing the operating temperature of a laptop or notebook. 

It’s used to prevent the laptop from overheating, and also helps to protect you from the overheating effects of the computer. 

It can also help prevent the laptop from sliding off the bed as it rests beneath the laptop. Note that this has to be used when the laptop is assumed to be unable to cool itself.

Cooling Pad

4. Get a Bed Stand

Get a Bed Stand. Since you’d need your laptop at the comfort of your bed, you’ll have to improvise to enable you to accomplish your daily tasks. 

Getting a bed stand is another means by which you can use your laptop on your bed without causing overheating. 

A bed stand that is positioned very close to your bed to enable you to view the screen and touch the keyboard will be fine. As long as the vents are free of blockages, your computer will not overheat.

5. Elevate Laptop At A Height

One of the best ways out there for using a laptop on the bed without facing any issue of overheating is, to elevate it at a decent height. 

Yeah, you could elevate your laptop either using a dedicated tall stand or by using any height increasing prop like a stool or small utensil with a flat surface.

By doing this, you ensure that your laptop will get enough room for heat dissipation. So, all excessive heat will get through the body of your laptop and hence it’ll operate with a maintained temperature.

6. Connect to TV

Connect your Laptop to your TV Set! Well, if you must use your laptop on your bed, you still have another option of connecting your laptop to your TV set.

Although this is not an ideal situation, it can achieve its purpose. Hook up your TV using an HDMI cable or through a Bluetooth device. This means that you should have a TV in your room.

It also means the TV has to be placed so close such that you can see clearly. You still have to place the laptop on a stand to allow you to do your typing and use the control keys effectively.

Connect to TV

Finally, if you’re a nightstand, you could convert it to a temporary laptop stand. We all somehow keep a nightstand in our rooms. 

All you want is just to use your laptop on your bed without overheating it. So, try using the nightstand as a laptop stand beside your bed. It may work well for you at no extra cost.

How to Use Laptop on Bed? - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It OK to use a laptop in bed?

Usually, it is recommended to don’t use a laptop while in bed. However, in certain cases you can use it on a bed, but, it should be occasional and you should get habituated to the same. 

Also, if you want to use the laptop on the bed then we advise you to use any of the above-given solutions to prevent technical failures and also to avoid issues of overheating on the bed.

2. How can I cool my laptop down on the bed?

As stated in this article, there are multiple ways to prevent issues of overheating your laptop when you use it in bed. 

However, in case, it still gets overheated then to cool it down, it’s suggested to turn your laptop off for a while and give it rest until it gets stabilized. 

Also, make sure that there are no junk processes running in your laptop that may cause overload on its built-in components like processors, GPU & SSD.

3. Why is my laptop overheating so fast?

Well, the most common cause behind overheating is blockage of heat dissipation vents.

However, sometimes excessive usage, junk processes, memory draining tasks, unusual multitasking, executing too many programs at once may cause your laptop to catch excessive heat fast too.

4. How to keep the laptop cool without a cooling pad?

Well, if you don’t want to spend money on a cooling pad, then you can always use a flat and sturdy surface to provide your laptop with enough room for ventilation.

In fact, books and hardwood pads are quite handy companions to keep your laptop cool.

5. Does overuse of laptops cause overheating issues?

Yes! And, that’s why we recommend our readers to give your laptop a short rest after every long usage.

Basically, this way you’ll give its components enough time to get stabilized and cool.


Although each of these options listed above has its own advantages and disadvantages, if carefully followed, you can enjoy the use of your laptop while relaxing on your bed. 

Whether you place the laptop on a book or flat surface, or you use a bed stand, or you use a sturdy, or even hooking up to a TV set, whichever one suits you should be adopted. But one thing is clear, you can use your laptop on your bed without overheating.

All in all, there are ways out there but people usually neglect to make use of either of them due to laziness, compromise on comfort or hurry; and that’s the key factor that causes your laptop to catch heat too fast.

 So, from now onwards, utilize either of our mentioned prevention routes to have a long-lasting companionship with your laptop. Yeah, prevention is always better than cure.

And yeah, don’t forget to suggest us new idea or if you’ve any queries related to these solutions then feel free to drop us a comment and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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