How to Make my Laptop Faster (simple steps For Windows 10)

How would you feel if you were doing a very important task and your laptop started to lag? At such times most people would think that their laptop is performing slowly because it is old.

Yes honestly if your laptop is very old then the laptop can perform slow but most of the time some wrong windows settings cause the laptop to slow down.

How to Make my Laptop Faster

In the comment section, many people ask the question of how to make my laptop faster that’s why we created this comprehensive article.

In this blog post, we will discuss some tips and tricks if you use them then surely your laptop will be 200 percent better than before.

Disable startup programs

With the launch of your laptop, many applications and software have started running automatically in the background.

If you turn them off, your computer will be free of RAM and you can make your laptop much faster.

  1. for Disable your startup application press Ctrl + alt + delete at the same time.
  2. then you will find the option called task manager click on that. 
  3. then you will find another option called start-up.
  4. after entering startup look at all the application that is currently running and turn off those applications that you are not using all the time.
Disable startup programs

If you just fix this setting then your laptop will offer much better performance than before.

Disable animation and visual graphics

If you didn’t Disable your visual effects and animation then your laptop needs to do much CPU processing which makes the device slower.

  1. For stopping your animation first you need to open your control panel.
  2. after opening the control panel search for the system.
  3.  when you enter the system you will find an option called advanced system settings.
  4.  then you will find a function named advanced then you will find a button called performance setting click on that.
  5.  then go to visually efficient and select custom and uncheck all animation.
Disable animation and visual graphics

Disable windows update

It’s right that every time a new update decreases the laptop performance. Especially it happened in old generation laptops.

  1. for Disabling your windows auto-download first press the Windows key + R on your laptop keyboard.
  2. then in the search section search services.msc then press ok.
  3. then a new window will be open scroll down and search windows update.
  4. then right-click and select properties and you will find startup type in the general section click on startup type and select disable and press ok that’s it.
Disable windows update

This setting will disable all of your upcoming windows automatic updates and make your laptop much faster than before.

Make sure you restart your system once after selecting this setting.

Disable windows notification

Like other tips, the useless notification also decreases the laptop performance that’s why you need to disable windows notifications.

  1. For disabling this setting first you need to select windows.
  2.  then right-click on that go to settings then click system.
  3.  there you will find an option called notification and action simply disable that.
Do not disturb mode in windows

This small setting also helps your laptop to load fast.

Delete unwanted files

while friends we all know that useless storage and data also reduce laptop performance. That’s why you need to delete these unwanted files.

  1. For deleting unwanted files first you need to select windows.
  2. then go setting then you will find an option called the storage if the above option is disabled and simply turn it on.
Delete unwanted files

After doing this easy setting your laptop automatically does the best thing for you and increase the device performance.

disk cleanup

For a better laptop performance, windows pre-installed a cleaning software named disk cleanup.

  1. for using this first search disk cleanup.
  2. then click on that select c drive and press ok.
  3. then a small popup will open select all the checkboxes and press ok that’s it.

This setting will delete all the unused files from your device and helps your laptop to perform more smoothly.

disk cleanup

Delete unwanted software and application.

Every laptop user downloads various software for different purposes There is a lot of software in them that you may have installed but never used.

If you delete them in such a situation, you will definitely get a good performance.

  1. For deleting all of this software first you need to go control panel.
  2. then you will find an option called programs and features click on that.
  3. then windows will show all of your laptop installed software then Delete them that you don’t use.

The sample quick setting decreases your laptop loading time and improves performance.

Clean up c drive.

The next tips are to clean your c drive every month.

When we install new software and other files by default they store in your c drive.

that’s why many cases c drive gets full of storage and slows down your window operating performance that’s why clean up your c drive every month.

Install a solid-state drive

For making a laptop slow storage type plays the most important role.

In the market, laptops are available in two types of storage capacity the first one is HDD and the second best one is SSD.

Normally after a few months, an HDD laptop delivers slow performance on the other hand SSD laptop always delivers fast and snappy performance.

If you have an HDD Laptop, you can install an SSD using two methods.

First, search if the device has any empty storage expansion slot for SSD if not then you can replace the HDD storage using an SSD.

Restart your laptop

If all the above techniques didn’t work then the only thing left is to restart your laptop.

Before restarting your laptop make sure you make a backup of your important data else you will be going to lose all of your important files and documents.

To reset your laptop open settings then click on update and security in this section you will find an option named recover click on that and press get started.

If you restart your computer, it automatically deletes all junk files programs, and software and improves your laptop loading time.

Last Few Words

this is the comprehensive answer on how to make my laptop faster.

I hope after applying all these tips and settings your laptop delivers better performance if not then there is something wrong with your hardware.

If you have any doubt related to the laptop setting then feel free to comment below we will definitely reply back your comment within an hour.

or if you have any other method which can make a laptop Faster then let me know I will definitely include that in this article.

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