how much RAM do I need for gaming and video editing on laptop and Desktops?

This is one of the common ask questions in the world of the internet how much RAM do I need for gaming and video editing.

Many people don’t have in-depth knowledge so they buy more Ram like 32 GB even 64 GB which is totally useless.

Some people don’t know much about technology and think that more random access memory makes computers faster. But that is not the actual story.

How much RAM do I need for GAMING and EDITING

Looking at this so many doubts and questions we create this in-depth article on how much RAM do I need for gaming and video editing.

In this article, we will talk about How much RAM a gamer need as well as how much RAM is sufficient for a highly professional video editor.

how much RAM do I need for gaming and video editing?

Does RAM make a laptop/pc fast?

Ram stands for random access memory, Memory is mentioned in Ram’s name. Putting too much memory in a laptop will not make the device fast.

In this way, if you put too much RAM in a laptop, the laptop will not be fast.

But if your computer or laptop has less RAM then there will be many problems. Less RAM always makes your laptop slow.

Because your laptop can’t supply the requirements of ram to run the software, that’s why the laptop will always give a slow and laggy performance.

When the RAM of the laptop is low, some part of it starts working on the boot drive. For this reason, the boot drive runs 100% and slows down the performance of the laptop.

In short, more Ram doesn’t make your laptop fast but less Ram can definitely decrease the laptop/pc performance.

is 8GB RAM enough for GAMING and EDITING?

Especially for a laptop 8GB is one of the most recommended and balance Ram capacity which most of the laptop manufacturing brand offer in the Indian market.

8GB RAM enough for those people who don’t do heavy video editing and heavy gaming.

Games like battlefield, the witcher 3, the shadow of The tomb raider needs at least 8GB of RAM for running the game smoothly.

Note that you can play games with 8 GB of RAM only when you close all the applications in the background.

But if you do office works like graphic designing, programming and other normal tasks then 8GB RAM will be a perfect storage capacity for you.


is 16GB RAM enough for GAMING and EDITING?

If you are a heavy gamer or a 4K video editor then you definitely need 16GB Ram.

16 GB RAM you will don’t need to compromise any background application or windows software because 16GB Ram will be good enough for running every kind of application at the same time.

Now let’s talk about laptops user

If you planning to do heavy gaming and video editing on a laptop then 16GB also an ideal option for you but remember 16GB Rams laptop is not comes under a budget range.

Although in the market almost every laptop has an empty Ram slot for future Ram upgradeability. before purchasing any laptop please check the RAM upgradability option.

In short, if you are a heavy gamer or a video editor then 16GB Ram will be an ideal choice for PC users.

but if you planning to do heavy video editing and gaming on a laptop then before purchasing a laptop please check the laptop Ram upgrade options.


Inshot for doing video editing gaming and other productivity tasks you need at least 8GB of DDR4 RAM in 2021.

the 16GB Ram will be best for those people who need heavy gaming and video editing performance without any noticeable leg buffering or without compromising background software.

These days games like pubg PC, GTA V, The Witcher 3 can run on 8GB DDR4 RAM. Now I think you will get your answer how much RAM do I need for gaming and video editing.

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