HDD vs SSD | Which is Better in 2021?

Hard disk first introduced by IBM in the later 50′. now It has been a necessary path for every desktop or laptop in the budget as well as premium segment. After day by day, the hard disk drive improves a lot.

hdd vs ssd

In the 70s HDD caption, big space and This come very little storage capacity. But one thing is never changed the HDD speed.

In 21 century everything gets faster that’s why engineers create a new Faster storage capacity SSD.



Hard Disk Drive(HDD)

Solid State Drive(SSD)

File read / Write Speed


3X Faster then HDD

Noise level



Moving Parts

more then 2


Boot Time

Around 35 – 45 seconds

Around 10-13 seconds


As I mention HDD is 50 years ago technology yes this is old technology and reliable technology.

In hard disc have few moving parts that are why HDD is very slow.

You must be wondering which type of moving part is this.

Then I must tell you inside a hard disk there has he played called “PLATTER” the hard disks story or data on this PLATTER.


The sooner your disk rotates, the sooner your computer will read and write the data. This called RPM (ROUNDS PER MINUTE).

That’s why the brand mention 5400 RPM, 7200 RPM like that.

Because hard disk has a moving part that’s why it produces weird sound.

Some of the pros of HDD is this is very cheap And another hand SSD is expensive storage.

For example, if you spend 10000 rupees on storage then you will get 1TB SSD storage on the other hand you will get 6TB of HDD storage. This is really a big price difference.

Now Let’s talk about the SSD, In an SSD you don’t find any moving part yes you heard right. SSD doesn’t have any moving but it’s a simple chip like your memory card.

In SSD you will find some chips As much as The more chips the greater the storage capacity

SSD doesn’t have any moving point that’s why this give more Lifetime compared to an HDD. Because this doesn’t have any moving part that means you don’t get any sound.

Because this doesn’t have any “PLATTER” THAT’S why THIS IS MUCH MUCH FASTER THAN HDD. 

A normal SSD is 5X faster than a hard disk drive (HDD).

The cons of SSD is this is so expensive. Let’s see a small comparison if a 2TB HDD cost you 5,000, on the other hand, a 2TB SSD cost you 8000 to 10000 that’s the difference.

hdd vs ssd price

Now here is the question who needs an SSD and who need an HDD?

If you are a content creator like YouTubers or any video editor then you definitely choose HDD because HDD will provide a big storage capacity at a minimal cost that will help you to store big files and videos.

If you are a normal user and you watch movies and films also download full HD videos you need to choose HDD because this provides a big storage capacity.

This means if you need storage and you are on a tight budget then you always need to choose HDD.

As I say video editor need to buy an HDD there is also an option that you can choose.

If you buying a new PC or laptop then in-market brands provide two types of storage capacity SSD and HDD combination you can choose that.

or if you build a PC then you surely need all of them because that will deliver a much faster performance and storage capacity.

If you choose an SSD and HDD then you will get better boating time and better software experience with the help of an SSD.

On the other hand, HDD will store all of your data and video files.

If you are a gamer or you do graphic designing or heavy video editing then you must choose SSD. Doing this type of work you really need faster read and write speed.

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