DSLR vs Smartphone camera – witch camera is better?

In the world of photography DSLR is the first choice for every professional photographer. However mobile phone camera is improving day by day.

 if you are a photographer then you must think about which is a better DSLR camera or mobile camera in this article we are discussing this question DSLR Vs Smartphone camera which is better.

DSLR Vs Smartphone camera

This two-device has her own advantage and disadvantage. in some cases, mobile phones work better or in other cases, DSLR is a better choice.

so let’s compare both these devices and find out the question-answer DSLR vs Smartphone camera which is better?

DSLR vs Smartphone camera

Advantages of Smartphone Camera

Smartphone camera


When comes to portability this change everything this is the biggest factor in DSLR vs smartphone camera comparison.

Just imagine if you going to a casual place for visiting or a Date that you prefer a DSLR camera or a mobile in your pocket?

In most cases, you love to have the smartphone in your pocket because the smartphone is so lightweight and portable as compared to a bulk DSLR.

DSLR vs mobile camera

If you suddenly see a beautiful moment and you want to capture that moment you can easily capture with a smartphone but if you want to capture with a DSLR then you must have to go home and came with the DSLR Probably at that time the moment was no longer exist.

In India, some temple and historical place don’t allow to go inside with a DSLR. I don’t know the actual Reason but they don’t allow DSLR. But in India, every place permits you with a smartphone.

Yes, advanced photography only possible in DSLR but they are not as portable as smartphones.

Sharing photos

Sharing photos with your friend’s family and social media is very easy when you have a smartphone you can easily edit the image and post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

These days every DSLR camera comes with great features like NFC, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth that help you to share videos or images. But they are not as capable as a mobile phone. Sharing with DSLR you need a capable mobile app or you have to connect with a laptop tablet or computer.

DSLR Vs Smartphone camera

In short, when comes to sharing photos the clear winner is the smartphone because DSLR doesn’t have this feature. Else you have to connect using cables.

Advance smartphone features

Some other advantage of a smartphone is the battery life, DSLR is a big camera and this need so much power to capture image or videos.

On the other hand, mobile is a compact device this has a big battery for powered the smartphone and mobile cameras need less energy that’s why this gives you better battery performance compared to a DSLR.

Advance smartphone features

The second smartphone camera feature is this is easy to use which means anyone can click a photo without any hesitation but on the other hand, DSLR is so complex for a non-photographer or a new user.

if you need the best image then you have to set up DSLR features like color grade, balance mode zooming and so many other things after this you will get a high-resolution super image.

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The price

A high-end smartphone like iPhone XS is so expensive. However, the best brand top DSLR camera is much costly than an ordinary smartphone.

In India, almost 50 to 70% is a budget mobile it comes under 20,000. This is a medium-range budget for every Indian people. At this price, the camera is so good.

High-level professional DSLR cameras are so expensive some of those comes on 3-4 lakh rupees.

a Beginner level DSLR cost to around 25000 to 5000 If you want to be a photograph or you need a DSLR for regular use then this is the perfect budget.

If you talk with DSLR camera accessories like a lens or other things they are also so expensive.

This is the advantage of a smartphone camera now let’s look at the advantage of DSLR camera and find out the question DSLR vs smartphone camera which is better?

Advantages of DSLR Camera

DSLR camera

Image Quality

If you compare an image from taking with a smartphone and an image taking with a DSLR without a doubt anyone can say the DSLR picture is far better than the mobile phone picture. DSLR is capable for deliver the high-range image.

But these days the Indian market has some great smartphones that capable of excellent quality images such as iPhone XS Max, Google pixel series.

DSLR vs Smartphone camera

In shot DSLR camera capture more color range compare to smartphone camera that’s why this is delivering better picture quality.

DSLR Shutter

One of the biggest differences DSLR vs smartphone camera is the shutter. DSLR has a physical shutter that makes the image quality better than any other smartphone camera.

smartphone camera comes with an electronic shutter. The electronic shelter and physical shelter has her own advantage and disadvantage.

DSLR vs Smartphone camera

An electronic shutter allows you to see what the camera sees at the same time you can zoom in and zoom out the image, reduce the image noise, and click a high ISO picture.

Also, the physical shutter helps you to capture a fast-moving object with clear and visual picture quality.

DSLR Sensor size

DSLR special makes for professional photography the main DSLR job is only to click photos. DSLR sensor sizes 10 times bigger than a mobile camera sensor size.

The question is if the DSLR sensor size is bigger than what is the advantage.

DSLR vs Smartphone camera

Let’s assume you have a 12-megapixel smartphone and a 12 megapixel DSLR. Because the mobile camera has a small sincere that’s why he captures small pixels or other hands a DSLR has a bigger sincere that’s why he captures big pixels.

DSLR has a bigger pixel that’s why DSLR captures more light that gives you a better low light performance

Earn from photography

If you want to earn money on photography then you must need a DSLR. that’s not important that you have an expensive DSLR or a medium-range DSLR but you need a DSLR. 

If you have a DSLR then you can do a part-time job like wedding photography birthday photography or parties photography.

another side if you have a 1 lakh rupees iPhone chances is no one can hire you because no one wants a mobile photographer.

Can a Smartphone Replace a DSLR Camera?

The question is can a smartphone replace a DSLR?

The short and sweet answer is no.

The smartphone camera is improving day by day but there not that capable to defeat in DSLR camera. in this article on DSLR vs smartphone camera, we discuss all the important facts and features that make DSLR better.

You will not find a professional photographer feeling in a smartphone camera. A smartphone camera is always good for normal photography or clicking photos to capture the moments.

The future of camera technology

In the coming years, we will see and a big improvement in camera technology. Some biggest company like Sony canon is making some new ISO mode, noise control dynamic range features that are far better than this 2020 features.

The future of camera technology

If you look at the past 5 years then you see your biggest improvement on DSLR camera in 2020. in the upcoming 5 years, you will see some sincere up-gradation on camera resolution improvement that makes the image so sharp and clear.

DSLR Vs Smartphone Camera – Which of the two cameras is better?

The straightforward answer depends on your uses.

If you are a normal photographer you capture selfies and raw moment on the go then mobile is best because mobile is so portable this has some advanced features like sharing photos on social media and you can edit images on the go.

In short, if you love to click selfies or images then mobile is normally best.

DSLR Vs Smartphone Camera – Which of the two cameras is better?

If you want a high-quality professional image without a doubt DSLR is best. In a DSLR you can set all advanced mod and adjust with your lens. DSLR is capable of high-resolution superb images that mobile can’t do.

DSLR has a bigger sensor that captures more light that gives you better resolution images.

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