9 Best cheapest QLED tv in India 2021 | 3GB RAM | Android P | HDR 10+!

If you don’t want to lose your valuable time and jump straight to the answer, then the cheapest QLED tv in India to most people is the iFFALCON 55 inches Android Smart QLED TV.

In the last few years, the television industry changed a lot now every smart TV manufacturers launch new technology TVs and features Because most people are not satisfied with the old-fashioned TV.

This is because nowadays people no longer want to use LED and LCD TVs, they want to enjoy high-quality images, which is why QLED is the best choice.

cheapest QLED tv in India

We all know not every middle-class family can afford an expensive lakh rupees QLED TV which is why in our list we only include the best cheapest QLED TV in India which deliver the best value for money performance.

A QLED TV is two-time power-efficient and 50% brighter compared to an OLED screen.

You can be sure in this article we only include budget devices but despite being a budget all QLED TV is capable of delivering high bright super detail colour even in dark areas.

Top 3 cheapest QLED tv Pick

Best cheapest QLED tv in India

cheapest QLED tv in India

Next in line best cheapest QLED tv 

QLED TV with webcam features

Best multi-tasking QLED TV in India

Cheapest Onkyo speakers QLED TV

Unique frame design cheapest TV

4 HDMI branded QLED TV in India

Best value for money LED TV

1. iFFALCON 55 inches Android Smart QLED TV – cheapest QLED tv in India

This QLED TV is designed for those users who want to watch high colour images with good audio quality.

This is another budget 55 inches QLED TV in India it officer more than 5000 Plus apps and DTS audio processing system.

The first thing that extracts you most is the design and display slimness this is a very slim and study TV it has four sides very thin bezels and the stand of the LED TV is made with steel for that it will give a better grip.

Because of this bezel-less design, it is a perfect fit for your bedroom drawing room and hall.

It comes with a 60 Hz refresh rate 4K A+ grade LED panel that has inbuilt auto colour enhancement mode which helps you to show detail and more vibrate images and videos.

For enjoying your multimedia content sound is another very important thing which is why on this device brand integrate a 15 Watt + 15 Watt 30 watt output Dolby audio system.

Because of this dual speaker, you will get the actual Dolby vision atmos sound clarity which very few cheapest LED TV offer.

It has 2 GB of RAM which is a sufficient Ram capacity for running Netflix, prime video and Hotstar at the same time. Not only that it is also a great one for console gamers.

On the storage front brand integrated 16GB of storage which is the most recommended storage capacity for the cheapest QLED TV in India.

This also featured full-size remote control with Google assistant and quick access switches.

This smart 4K QLED TV has all the connectivity ports including Wi-Fi and 3 HDMI which help you to attach all of your needed third party devices including a hard disc set-top box and gaming consoles.

In short the audio clarity and sound are great which is why I recommend this TV for those users how searching for a TV under a very affordable budget range.



2. TCL 50 inches 4K Ultra HD Android Smart QLED TV – Next in line best cheapest QLED tv 

This is a TCL 50 inches QLED smart TV. Special we include this TV in all list because of its budget and performance. This TV ranks as one of the best cheapest QLED TV in India.

This smart TV is a wonderful choice for those users who need a QLED TV for enjoying Netflix and prime video in their free time.

It has a 50 inches 4K ultra HD display which shows over 60Hz refresh rate images and visuals.

the colour and contrast ratio of this display is great but in dark areas, you may see some lack of clarity.

This TV has a Google assistant which helps you to operate this with your voice. it also featured a built-in Wi-Fi to enhance your internet speed and help you to stream your content flawlessly.

On it, TCL uses some other colours mode including magic connect and Dolby vision.

It has 2 GB RAM + 16GB of storage capacity, in 2021 16 GB of storage capacity is a good enough storage for storing your Netflix and prime video shows and movies.

This TCL smart Android LED TV has HDR10+ support with a Quantum dot which enhance your every pixel and deliver unrealistic picture quality.

Apart from that this TV has 30-watt output Dolby speakers that produce deep sound with much clarity for achieving high-quality audio.

This TV has smart home features using that you can turn off the TV using your voice command.

this 50 inches TV is a wonderful choice for those users who want to watch Big detailed videos and colours.

It has almost every feature that 2021 users need including a powerful audio clarity system and 3 HDMI ports which make this one of the best cheapest QLED TV in India.



3. TCL 50 inches 4K Ultra HD TV – QLED TV with webcam features

This is the New launch TCL 50 inch 4K LED TV. The best part of this 4K smart Android TV is the video call feature yes you heard right.

This 4K smart TV has a dedicated camera on the top which capture detailed colours and images to enhance your video call experience further.

I don’t know how many people need the camera on their 4K TV but this is a great invention for business owners who uses TV for discussing projects and other assignments.

on this 4k TV, the brand used Android 11 which make this smoother and increase the overall performance also it brings some other incredible pre-installed software including Google Play, Google movies and Google games.

inside this TCL use more than 5000 content streaming platforms that deliver unlimited hours of content.

The 4K QLED TV has four side very thin bezels Which is not very easily noticed.

Because of this bezel-less design, it enhances the TV beauty and helps you to see a better viewing angle.

Like our previous, once it also has 2GB RAM and 16GB of storage capacity which is enough in 2021 but at this budget, I am expecting 2.5 GB of RAM.

It has an interesting Dolby vision 3D colour mode which enhances the picture colours and add more detail to it.

It also has a TCL AI Gen1 series CPU which make this a great smart TV for multitasking.

apart from that, the LED TV has hands free voice control 2.0 features that capture more clear audio frequency compared to any other cheap QLED TV.

In short, this is not an ultra-cheap QLED TV but this is a great value for money choice for business owners and for those who need a new technology QLED TV for their office.



4. OnePlus 55 inches Q1 Series Android – Best multi-tasking QLED TV in India

You may know in the Indian market oneplus is a premium flagship mobile manufacturing brand not only that oneplus also offer some smartphone accessories but in the TV and display industry oneplus is not far behind.

Using the oneplus 55 inches Q1 series 4k TV oneplus prove that they don’t want to limit themself to only the mobile market.

This QLED 4K smart TV ranks as one of the best budget QLED TV in India because it has a high-performance power-efficient chipset along with oxygen OS and Android 9 pie combination power.

Oxygen OS feature brings all the entertainment applications to a single place which saves your time and helps you to find your show Quikr.

Not only that oneplus optimise the oxygen OS very well which is why it delivers good animations and a lag-free experience even in multitasking.

This 4k TV has a very thin bezel and a metal frame but on the bottom section, it has a slightly bigger border which is not a big problem for enjoying your multimedia content.

It has 3 HDMI along with 3 USB ports which help you to attach other third party hard drives gaming consoles and ray players.

The best thing about this one plus smart TV is full-range 50W output Dolby atmos speakers Which deliver even better sound than a subwoofer

On the CPU performance, oneplus use A53 4 core CPU along with 3GB Ram and 16GB storage capacity.

The combination of 3GB Ram and A53 quad-core CPU not only increase the laptop multitasking performance it also makes this a future proof television.

In short, if you need a QLED TV for long term use and if you need a branded one then I strongly recommend this oneplus Q1 series 4K QLED TV but remember it is a little expensive than our previous selection.



5. TCL 55 inches 4K Ultra HD QLED TV – Cheapest Onkyo speakers QLED TV

This is the most popular cheapest QLED TV in India. It comes from TCL which is the global top 2 ranking TV manufacturing brand.

On it, TCL includes every feature including an A+ grade LED panel and Google assistant support.

This TV comes in three popular screen sizes 50 inches 55 inches and 65 inches. we have the 55 inches QLED TV which is the most recommended and popular one.

It comes with a 4K ultra HD panel which is capable of showing over 60 Hz refresh rate videos, the colour accuracy and the contrast ratio are great for the price.

After researching on it we find it also shows deep black colours even in very low brightness levels.

This QLED TV has very thin ultra bezels which is why if you mount this on your wall then you get beautiful viewing angles that also enhance your wall beauty.

Not only that on this TV TCL uses 30-watt output Onkyo speakers which delivers loud and clear audio that is sufficient for your drawing room uses.

It currently running on Android 10 which is why it has all Android features including Google Play Store, YouTube and Google assistant.

The 4K QLED TV has a very compact remote with all the necessary features but it doesn’t have Amazon Prime and YouTube quick access switches.

I think at this price TCL should need to offer Amazon Prime, Hotstar and YouTube quick access buttons. The 4K smart TV has 2.5 GB of RAM along with 16GB of storage capacity.

The 2.5 GB is sufficient Ram capacity for using all of your entertainment applications at once. In 16GB storage, you can store more than 10 web shows and 4-5 movies.

in short when we talk about the best cheapest QLED TV in India this TCL 55 inch TV ranks on the top.



6. Samsung 43 inches The Frame Series 4K TV – Unique frame design cheapest TV

Samsung is one of the most popular and flagship display manufacturing brands all over the globe. This is why big brands make their product display from Samsung.

This QLED smart TV comes with 43 inches display size which makes this a perfect Smart TV for your bedroom uses.


Yes, I know this 43 inches smart TV is a little expensive than the other 43 inches devices because on it Samsung use incredible colour reproduction panels.

This 4K smart TV is also available in 4 different variants you can pick according to your room size and budget. It has slightly bigger bezels which many multimedia content users may not like.

On this smart TV, Samsung uses the bigger bezels because Samsung calls this modern frame design. Samsung also allows you to customise the side bezels according to your style.

The best part which makes this TV different from others is the colour reproduction and the contrast ratio.

It shows incredibly detailed colours even in dark areas and the tv has enough brightness to enjoy your multimedia content even in light.

This currently reviewing product has 2.5 GB Ram and 16GB of storage capacity at this price 2.5 GB RAM capacity is a wonderful thing.

Along with that inside this Samsung offer 20-watt output powerful speakers, surrounding sound and active voice amplifier features.

The volume clarity is great but the audio is not so loud which is why if you purchase this TV then you need to buy a dedicated soundbar for it.

In short, this is a new technology smart TV which offers customisable frame feature and the colour reproduction and the contrast ratio of the QLED TV is undoubtedly great.



7. Samsung The Serif Series 43 inches QLED TV – 4 HDMI branded QLED TV in India

This QLED TV comes from the Samsung The Serif Series. on this Samsung 55 inches, 4K ultra HD tv Samsung use a 60Hz refresh rate panel.

Because inside this Samsung use 60 Hz refresh rate display which is why this is a perfect LED TV for console gamers.

On this smart TV, Samsung offers a four stick stand that helps you to place the TV anywhere in your room without any table or any attachment tool.

In the world, everyone knows how powerful the Samsung tv is when it comes to colours and contrast ratio but it has slightly bigger screen bezels which many Netflix and prime video users may not like.

On it, Samsung offers a very compact remote controller with Netflix, prime video and zee 5 quick access button and a Google assistant mic.

This 4k smart TV is also available in two more different screen sizes you can pick that suit your bedroom and drawing-room.

This TV has 40-watt output Dolby Digital Plus sound. no doubt at all the sound clarity and loudness are top of the notch you don’t get any problem while watching shows movies and other entertainment videos.

Apart from that this TV has Quantum HDR + supreme UHD Dimming colour enhancement mode which enhances the display colour beauty to the next level.

It has an exclusive painter’s mode which helps you to feature painting and images when you not using your TV.

Many people think If we use this as a picture frame then it consumes more electricity but that is not true.

on it, Samsung uses a high energy-efficient CPU and the latest generation Android version which reduce power consumption very very much.

Another important feature of the Samsung TV is home cloud mode which helps you to store your important files and images wirelessly and automatically

In brief, if you want a high-quality image showing capability TV with the latest generation features and new technology then you can purchase this 43 inches 4K TV.



8. Blaupunkt 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart TV – Not the best but decent choice

in this article on best cheapest QLED TV in India this Blaupunkt 55 inches TV is not the best one but on the internet, it has more than 300 + ratings which show the user satisfaction ratio.

This TV is available in two different variants 32 inches and 55 inches currently reviewing the 55 inches 4K ultra HD smart TV.

The panel colour accuracy is decent for the price and the brightness is also good but many people complain in dark areas this doesn’t capable of showing that much clarity.

It has very minimal sight bezels which deliver a 178-degree viewing angle and allow you to see the screen in any corner of your room.

For improving the colour accuracy of the panel Blaupunkt include a few interesting smart modes including high dynamic range Quantum LED system and true colours mode.

It runs on a dual-core processor along with Android 7. in 2021 I think Android 7 is a very old Android version, Blaupunkt should need to offer at least Android 9. 

It offers combined power of 8GB storage and 1GB of RAM size.

These days 1GB is a very less RAM capacity for using your multimedia content like Amazon prime Netflix and Hotstar at the same time on the other hand it also has less storage capacity for considering new generation film and web shows sizes.

Apart from that, the audio quality of this 4K QLED TV is not that good it has 20-watt speakers with Dolby Digital Plus DTS surrounding sound system.

Yes, it shows clear audio but the loudness is not enough for any drawing room and bedroom use which is why you need to buy a dedicated soundbar for it.

In short, we include this TV in our list only for those users who want a basic QLED TV but remember at this price on the Indian market you have better choices.



9. Redmi X50 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV – Best value for money LED TV

Currently, in the Indian market, there are not many cheapest QLED TVs are available for that we include a normal LED TV to complete the article.

This TV comes with 50 inches 4K ultra HD panel which show smooth animations and high bright colour accurate images.

This side border is also thin which is why this is capable of offering big images and if you want to mount this TV on your wall then that is also possible on it.

The 4k TV has incredible colour accurate modes and features including Dolby vision HDR 10 plus support and a vivid picture engine.

this smart TV currently running on Android TV 10 operating system which not only brings all Google features it also improve the smart TV smoothness and multitasking performance.

Along with that, it has a 30W Dolby audio with DTS X virtual audio processing system that is capable of delivering enough loud and sharp audio even in big rooms.

On it, redmi use a 5 GHz Wi-Fi modem which enables high-speed internet connectivity and allows you to watch all of your platforms without any internet problem.

The smart TV also featured kids mode Which will show your children exactly what you want them to show.

in connectivity like other devices, it also features 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports which is the baseline of connectivity.

If you want a normal LED TV then undoubtedly this is the best cheapest one that is available in India with great features and an incredible picture showing capability.



Last Few Word

This is our comprehensive list of the best cheapest QLED TV in India.

In this article, we mention QLED TV in various different sizes you can choose according to your room size and your style.

Despite being on a budget all the devices are capable of showing good colours and high bright videos also even in low brightness this is capable of showing dark pictures very well.

If you think in this article we did not include your favourite cheapest QLED TV then comment below I will definitely include that in our next article.

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