Boat Warranty Claim Registration For Headphones and Earphones Replacement

Boat Warranty Claim Registration

If you have any BoAt audio devices and you facing some issue with that. Then how you claim the boat warranty.

Every BoAt earphone and headphone have a minimum one year of the warranty claim period.

in this time if you’re facing some problem with your earphone then BoAt replace that with a new one. 

in this article, I will guide you on how you get your invoice, how to claim boat earphones warranty and how the replacement policy works with some terms and condition.

There are three things to keep in mind In a BoAt warranty claim.

First, you need the earphone bill or buying invoice this is mandatory. If you do not have a bill then you cannot claim a warranty.

The second thing you need to keep in mind is that your headphones should be in warranty claim period.

The third and most important thing to keep in mind is that your headphones or earphone should not be torn. If your headphone does not work, then the BoAt replaces that. The BoAt does not replace any damaged headphones.

How to get Amazon product invoice

Amazon product invoice

Probably you already know that in boat warranty claim you need your earphones invoice or bill most probably in India majority people buy boat earphone on Amazon. 

if you buy your boat earphone on Amazon then I will tell you how you get your boat earphone bill or product invoice.

First go on Amazon website or mobile app,  In mobile click on the right side menu button. In computer click on the return and order option.

After opening the menu go on your order section.

claim the boat warranty.

Here you can find all the product that you purchase on Amazon. In some cases, if you don’t find your earphone on this page then click on the filter button and set the previous year when you buy your earphone.

claim the boat warranty.

After changing the year you can find your earphone then click on the earphone after clicking earphone you find an option called download invoice clicking download and download the invoice documents.

warranty claim
BoAt warranty claim

Now we are going to see how to get Amazon product invoice on a computer. in the computer, the processor is a little bit different compared to mobile.

In computer first, go Amazon home page then click on the return and order section.

BoAt computer

After landing the page change your purchase year in my case I purchase date in 2019.

BoAt computer

Then select your product and upper right corner you find your invoice section tap invoice and download invoice 1.

How to get boat waranty in pc

in this method, you can successfully download your invoice. after downloading invoice please recheck your purchase date and confirm that it’s under warranty.

Boat Warranty Registration

Boat Warranty Claim

Now we are going to see how to do boat warranty registration.

in this article, we will claim for boat basshead 225 warranty for demo purposes only.

At first, you have to go both support page of boat official website there you find register complaint option click on that.

Now select your product and your pin code.

first, you have to select your product group is your product is a Bluetooth earphone, headphone or Bluetooth speaker. 

In my case I have boat basshead 225 1st select Bluetooth headphone and earphone then select product at last enter pin code.

there are two possibilities for repair your earphone the first possibilities that if your pin code has any boat service centre then BoAt directly give you there number and you can contact them and replace your product.

Second thing, if your pin code doesn’t have any official boat service centre then a new complaint registration page window will open for you.

You have to fill-up the form this form you have to add your full name e-mail address, mobile number, shipping and pickup address Landmark and most importantly product problem and you have to add little product problem description.

Boat Warranty Claim Registration

Now we need the invoice that we download before on Amazon.

Click choose file and upload your invoice after uploading invoice and add purchase date then allow terms and condition and I am not a robot and submit your complaint.

Boat Warranty Claim Registration

After submitting your complaint BoAt give you a tracking number using this number you can track your product.

After submitting the complaint within 2 days boAt pickup your earphone or headphone in your address.

Both mentioned that they need only your product there is no need to give other earphone accessories with box.

After claim boAt warranty you have to be patient because this on average takes 10 to 15 days.

The first boAt in house members check your product if your product is not working or having some issues then the company replace that with a new one.

Boat tracking Status

Boat Warranty Claim

After boat warranty claim boAt gives you a special tracking number using this you can track your product and And find out where the Earphone is now.

For checking your product status first you have to go boat support page then click on “check status of ticket“.

Boat tracking Status

After opening the bar enter your ticket number and press submit button. after submitting you will get the latest update about your earphones or headphone tracking Status.

I think I taught you how to Claim the warranty, how to get your amazon invoice and how to view your Boat tracking Status.

boat Customer Care number India

boat Customer Care number India

After submitting complain if you have any question or doubts about your product warranty and replacement you can directly contact BoAt customer service team by calling or sending an email.

If you’re planning to contact customer care service team by phone then this is the boat official Indian phone number.

BoAt official Indian phone number:-  +91-2249461882 or  022-4946-1882 

If you planning to contact BoAt by using email address then this is the boat official email address.

Boat Customer Care official e-mail address:- [email protected]

In the above article, I try to give you an in-depth guide on a BoAt warranty claim.

We discuss how you find your Product invoice on Amazon and boat customer care number.

now we are going to discuss some important question regarding boat warranty claim that people always ask.

People also ask

1.How do I get a boat warranty?

Every boat product has a minimum 1 year of warranty at this time if your earphone or headphone or any other product getting some problem you can contact boat customer care number and ask for your warranty.

Also, you can find your warranty status on your bill Their BoAt clearly mentioned the warranty period time.

2.Is boat a Chinese company?

The short and sweet answer is no.

The boAt is a famous Indian gadget manufacturing brand.

In India BoAt has a great reputation BoAt especially known for his budget-friendly value for money product.

3.How do I cancel a complaint on a boat?

For cancelling any complaint first you need to go no the boAt manage page there you find your complaint click on the complaint and cancel the descried order.

4.Is boat a good brand?

In the past few years boat launch some great product in the Indian market.

All BoAt product qualities amazing and sound output is very clear and loud. BoAt Especially famous for his extra Bass Technology.

I highly recommend boAt if you are a crazy music lover like me and you love to listen to new generation songs with high Bass then BoAt is a wonderful option.

5.What is the warranty period of boat earphones?

Everybody Boat earphone headphone or any other audio gadgets offer a minimum of 1 year of the warranty period.

Some boat product also for two years of warranty period but they are expensive.


I hope you like this boat warranty claim procedure I try to give you all the important thing that you need for claim boat warranty.

if you’re facing some problem for claim boat warranty or if you have any doubts then feel free to comment below I will reply your comment within an hour. Thanks for reading

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