7 best soundbar under 10000 In India [Buying guide]

In 2020 everyone wants stylish and ultra-slim TV. Because of the slim size, they don’t have any high-quality speakers. That’s why in this article we discovered some best soundbar under 10000.


If you are a classic and crazy music lover like me then you have to buy a soundbar for a cinematic experience that refreshes your mind.


Today in this article we will be reviewing some of the best highly rated soundbar in the Indian market right now.

best soundbar under 10000

If you don’t know what is the best soundbars then you spend too much than you get a device with decent connectivity option along with decent audio.

We have listed the sound was based on specification, features, and user experience. The list is in no particular order. So here are the look best soundbars that you can buy under 10000.

Are you excited to know which is the best soundbar under 10000?

best soundbar under 10000

Best on this list soundbar

Next in line best soundbar

Runner-Up Pick

best Build Quality soundbar

Excellent performance soundbar

Super Bass & Treble​ soundbar

Adaptive Sound Mode​ soundbar

1. JBL Bar 2.0 Wireless Soundbar – Value for Money soundbar under 10000

JBL is one of the most popular brands in the world of audio. This soundbar offered you a terrible audio experience in his wireless sound range.

Built-in dual base speakers give you a true surrounding sound experience. This soundbar consumes very low power.

Inside this soundbar, you get 2 speakers and 2 tweeters total sound output is 30w. this soundbar has 2 inches speaker driver & 1.5-inch tweeters.

This soundbar comes with a full-function remote controller. If we talk about connectivity option then you will get an HDMI ARC, Digital Optical, USB & AUX-In with Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity and the soundbar weight is 1.4kgs.

This soundbar support Bluetooth 4.2 it is a very good feature you can also connect your phone and enjoy your music.

 Once you setup your soundbar to your TV then you can control the sound using your TV remote you don’t need the soundbar remote.

The design and build of the soundbar are just unbelievable. Also, you will get 1 year of support and warranty with this product. this is one of the best soundbars under 10000. 



2. Blaupunkt SBWL02 130W Bluetooth Soundbar – Overall Best soundbar under 10000

If you looking for a soundbar that you can pair on your TV and you need a real surrounding sound experience then this soundbar completely made for you.

Blaupunkt is an iconic German brand that has developed cutting edge audio technology since 1924.

this soundbar has supper bass With brilliant music output You can experience the 130W monster speaker with wireless subwoofer produces SUPER Bass and Clear Treble giving tremendous sound experience, you can connect Subwoofer Wireless with the help of Bluetooth.

In the box, you will get remote, mounting clips for mounting the soundbar to the wall & an aux cable. Soundbar design with a black acrylic finish that enhances the look very much.

Subwoofer Comes with wooden finish Because the subwoofer made with wooden that’s why you get supper clear Bass.

Let’s talk about connectivity in this soundbar you will get HDMI, USB, Bluetooth, and a headphone jack.

Soundbar and subwoofer connect automatically with the help of Bluetooth. We think this is also an Overall best soundbar under 10000.



3. Philips HTL2163B/12 120Wphilips Runner-Up soundbar under 10000

Philips also a very big brand when comes to gadgets and electronic product. Philips makes her product very high-quality features given, they give her customers the best experience they ever get. In this soundbar, you get something like that.

This is also the best soundbar under 10000. This sound comes with virtual surrounding sound with travels bass control. this soundbar supports Dolby’s digital features. 

If you love to listen to music with high bass quality then this is a perfect choice for you.

If we talk about the speaker output in this soundbar you got a 2*30W speaker output that’s to give you a great sound quality. Total power RMS @10% THD 120W. further, You will get 1 Subwoofer, 1 mylar tweeter, 1*5.25 woofer.

Also, you get so many connectivity options Bluetooth (for mobile and laptop connectivity) digital coaxial in, digital optical in, HDMI 1.4 output (ARC), and top connection 3.5mm(audio in) USB 2.0.

And the design is built with a glossy plastic soundbar that is hand feel great material Subwoofer too. we find the Subwoofer front looks good but when comes to the back not look great we think Philips can improve the back design.

Frankly, this soundbar is not so loud in normal uses but when you turn on Dolby then this soundbar audio is pretty loud and clear.

overall this soundbar is a great option for under 10000 rupees. If you love high-quality bass and you need a super surrounding audio experience then you surely check this out.



4. boAt AAVANTE Bar 1700D 120W – best Build Quality soundbar under 10000

If you love to playing games and listening songs Then you definitely know about BoAt. Especially boat deals with audio peripherals boat make high-quality headphones, earphones, and soundbar. I use many products from boats.

this soundbar has 2.1 Channel captivating sound with Dolby Digital with Digital Plus technology That gives you a visual audio experience. This BoAt AAVANTE BAR has 60W R.M.S that give a premium base effect.

If we talk about connectivity then this soundbar has Bluetooth, USB connector, NFC, HDMI, and Aux.

This soundbar has a dedicated remote control for the control soundbar feature. Also, you can control the soundbar feature Using the side control switches.

Let’s talk about the design of this soundbar made with premium plastic that gives a sturdy look and feel.

if we talk about subwoofer  BoAt given a wide subwoofer you don’t get any wireless option in this boAt AAVANTE Bar.

 In front you get a glassy look with a logo it looks great in the back you gate a cut Jack to connect the soundbar and subwoofer.

I must say they had given a very premium and good quality subwoofer at this price.



5. Mi-MDZ-27-DI Bluetooth Soundbar – Excellent performance soundbar under 10000

Mi also makes a very good type of gadget. This is a super budget-friendly soundbar from MI it cost you only 4,999. This is the first soundbar mi have the launch in India in 2019. this is also a Best soundbar under 10000 in 2020.

The sound quality is very loud and clears The 50Hz to 25000Hz frequency response range covers the entire room. Enhanced base, with passive radiators to bring cinematic experience at home.

you can connect to your TV or mobile device very easily with the high-speed Bluetooth 4.2 LE feature.

If we talk about connectivity In this MI soundbar you got Options S/PDIF, Optical, Aux-in, Line-in, and Bluetooth connections You don’t get an HDMI port in this soundbar.

In this soundbar, you don’t get any kind of subwoofer. Also at this price point, you don’t expect that.

The soundbar is built with plastic but the plastic quality is very good in hand you don’t feel that this is a budget soundbar.

also, it comes with Two different colours variation white and black.

Also in this soundbar, you don’t get any remote control. You get some button on the top of the soundbar. Using those button you can control play sound volume and other features.

If you don’t spend too many on a soundbar then you can surely buy this product.



6. Infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WL SoundBar – Super Bass & Treble​ soundbar under 10000

If you don’t hear about JBL then I don’t think you are a true music lover. In this world of sound gadgets, JBL is a reputed brand they only make a high-quality product. They boost your listening experience in an ultra level.

It has 220 drivers and the subwoofer is 40W. The designer is pretty good and simple and you also get a digital display in the centre of the soundbar.

The 40W subwoofer looks like a plain box with the 4.5-inch driver the subwoofer design and builds quality is impressive & 160 Watt Peak Power System Output.

In our research, we found that the soundbar sound quality is loud and clear and the bass quality is superb but overall clarity is average but that’s not an issue in this budget range.

In this box, you get a remote controller using the remote controller you can easily control your soundbar all feature in this remote you also get base up and down switch.

 If we talk about connectivity option in this soundbar you get Bluetooth, Aux, USB, and optical input, enabling you to connect to various devices

The sound word connects wirelessly with the subwoofer. In this soundbar, you got 3 equalizers setting all three are practical to use for different situations.

  • Eq 1 is the balanced setting you can use for your general listening and playing a song just gives you a more balanced experience.
  • Eq 2 this is your mid-range mod if You’re watching a movie then this mode really helps you.
  • Eq 3 gives your clear and noise-free sound experience.

The overall sound and build quality are very good and impressive. this is also a Best soundbar under 10000.



7. boAt Avante Bar 1500 – Adaptive Sound Mode​ soundbar

Like BoAt AVANTE Bar 1700D this is also a great soundbar from the boat. It cost you less than 8,000. In this soundbar, you got all the necessary features that make a soundbar good in quality.

First, if we talk about sound quality. the sound is pretty good and loud also in this soundbar you got new features 3D sound modes. Using these features you can get a 3D surrounding sound experience you can feel the music.
If we talk about the look and feel this soundbar has a classy finish that gives the soundbar a premium look.

Also in this soundbar, you get a dedicated Subwoofer the 60Watt Subwoofer Enhance the sound quality an ultra level.

The Subwoofer gate an x design in front of the design was glossy finishing get to look very premium.

Also in this soundbar, you get a dedicated remote to control your soundbar all features. Remote build quality super but we file that remote little bit slippery in hand.

In connectivity option you got Optical, Coaxial, HDMI ARC We don’t get any issue regarding connectivity options.

Overall the sound with 120 watts RMS and 60watt subwoofer. The sound output feels real, thrilling bass provided by the 60Watt Subwoofer.

2.1 Channel Surround Sound provides a rather cinematic experience, enhances the way you experience entertainment at home.

Overall BoAt AVANTE Bar 1500 very good on his budget range you don’t feel any kind of issue on this soundbar.



Buying guide

To get the better sound to your TV then you really need a soundbar. They are slim and easy to set up. Here’s what you really need to know before buying a Soundbar. 


Subwoofer ad a lot of improvement with your audio quality. General two types of subwoofer come in this days wired and wireless most sound word today is wireless connect with your soundbar.

Some soundbar doesn’t have any kind of subwoofer but they are not bad they integrated the subwoofer technology in his soundbar.


The most subwoofer comes to a different type of connectivity but if you need high-quality performance than you usually use HDMI. If you use HDMI that means you got a better sound quality and more impressive surrounding sound experience.

HDMI ARC makes everything easier to connect.

best soundbar under 10000

Channels and Dolby

I think you probably see numbers like 2.2, 3.1 or 5.1 when you buy a soundbar. The number refers to how many channels the soundbar supports the first digit referred to the speaker’s second digit for that they have a subwoofer or not. If the soundbar has 3 digits like 5.1.4 that means the soundbar has a Dolby sound.

best soundbar under 10000


You can also need to learn the soundbar height and before buying a soundbar. If you buy a big soundbar that covered your TV. 

Then you don’t get a clear experience. Text before buying soundbar you also compare with your TV. Also, you can adjust the soundbar positions with your need.


1. Which is the best soundbar under 10000 for Home?

boAt AVANTE Bar 1700D 120W this is the best soundbar for casual home this soundbar has a great built and this soundbar support Bluetooth connect that’s why you can connect wirelessly to your TV. 

You can enjoy its subwoofer clear and dual bass experience. Overall built and features make this headphone a perfect option for home uses.

2. Which is the best soundbar under 10000 for TV?

If you’re looking for a soundbar that you can connect on your TV then you can buy JBL Bar 2.0 Wireless Soundbar In our research we found that in this soundbar you got 2 speakers and 2 Twitter that enhance your TV sound experience in an ultra level.

 You get all the features that you need. Design and build quality also superb this is also a budget soundbar that post you around 8000 rupees

3. Which is the best soundbar under 10000 for Home Theater?

Infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WL is the best soundbar for home theater. in this soundbar, you got a full wireless Connectivity option. And the bass is very clear and quality is good for listening to music.

Also, the build and design are very good at this soundbar you got 3 equalizer setting. Using those setting you can enhance your audio experience. this is the Best soundbar under 10000

people also ask

1.soundbar are they worth it?

If you are a crazy music lover and you want the ultrasound that refreshes your mind then you must need a soundbar.

In this days every smart TV comes with inbuilt speaker buy that they are not capable of high-quality audio output that’s why in India most smart TV user by a soundbar In my opinion Soundbar is worth it.

2.can soundbar produce surround sound?

The short and sweet answer is yes a sound word can produce surrounding sound.

If you listen to music in a room then you can get a clear surrounding experience. But it depends on our list Blupunkt SBWL02 is capable of the clear surrounding sound experience.

soundbar that doesn’t have any subwoofer like JBL bar 2.0 and mi MDZ-27 DI this type of soundbar you will get clear audio but the surrounding sound experience is not so good.

3.how many watts soundbar do I need?

This is an important question because if you buy any lower Watts soundbar then that doesn’t give you the actual sound experience that you actually need.

Watts for soundbars or speakers is a marketing ploy by manufacturers to show that there sounds what is louder and better than other products out there. In actually the number of Watts for the soundbar is irrelevant.

In most cases, if you listen to a song on a 40W soundbar and a 60W soundbar the 40-watt soundbar is more clear and louder.

In short, if we talk about actual soundbar watts than upper then 40W is best.

4.soundbar vs home theater?

Many people ask me soundbar vs home theatre which is better? Which should I purchase?

the answer depends on your uses and your room size.

Home theatre has so many speakers, if you love to listen to high volume songs then the soundbar is a great option but in ordinary cases like if you want a cinematic audio experience then soundBar is a great option.

The soundbar is simple this is so stylish and compact compared to home theatre. In short, both of these are good.

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