9 Best Soundbar For LED TV in india For Movies & Music with dedicated Subwoofer

If you don’t want to waste your time and jump straight to the answer, then the Best Soundbar For LED TV in India for most people is Boat Aavante Bar 1700D 2.1 Soundbar.

In today’s scenario sound one of the most important parts for any modern TVs.

In 2021 TVs are getting slimmer and smarter that’s why it’s hard to integrate a big speaker on a slim TV. For that, the soundbar manufacturing brand is not able to put good speakers in the LED TV.

if you are a classic and crazy music lover then you have to buy a good soundbar for a cinematic audio experience that refreshes your mind.

9 Best Soundbar For LED TV in india For Movies & Music (February 2021)

If you can’t spend so much money on a soundbar then don’t worry in this article we will talk about every Budget segments soundbar that ordinary people can buy for his LED and LCD TVs.

You may be assured that in this article we will talk only those soundbars that have good audio quality and good connectivity features.

Best Soundbar For LED tv in India

Best Soundbar For LED tv in India

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1. Boat Aavante Bar 1700D 2.1 Soundbar – Best on this list soundbar for led tv

In the world of audio no one Denia that boAt is one of the best audio gadgets manufacturing brand.

On this price range, boAt have a wonderful soundbar for an LED TV that will give wonderful sound clarity as well as quality.

This soundbar has so many interesting features with a wonderful great look.

This boAt AAVANTE Bar gives you a wonderful Sound quality as well as sound clarity with the help of 2.1 channel captive sound with Dolby digital plus technology.

That produce super rich audio as well as a visual experience.

With this soundbar, BoAt integrated dedicated Subwoofer that has 60W RMS that capable of premium audio quality with BoAt signature sound.

This stylish looking soundbar has Dolby digital audio that will give a sharp cinematic experience while listening to a new generation as well as very old generation songs.

With the help of Dolby digital sound, you can feel the actual 3D sound with Dolby experience that takes you to another world.

As I mentioned this comes with a very unique and stylish design. On the front of the subwoofer, it has a gradient a shape unique design that looks great.

the soundbar made with premium quality material that has a Mesh design on font sides. Now it’s time to see the most important part for any soundbar and sound devices is the connectivity option.

This soundbar comes with Bluetooth V5.0, AUX, USB, Optical and HDMI(ARC).

Because this has Bluetooth V5.0 that’s why you can easily connect this with your smartphone and enjoy your favourite songs without getting any problem.

The connectivity features and the sound quality make this soundbar the best soundbar for LED TV in India.



In the past few years, JBL makes a great reputation in the Indian market. JBL launch a new Sub-brand Infinity (JBL).

in our list of the best soundbar for LED TV in India we have infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WL this is one of the best soundbars that you can purchase under a price range of 8000.

This Soundbar is especially known for his sound quality and brand reputation.

In this soundbar, infinity uses deep bass that will deliver extra bass and take your songs and movie experience to the next level.

With this brand integrity 160W Peak Power System Output that will produce impassive sound for cinematic experience and a concert effect.

As I mention this is a unique and compact soundbar. Because this is so compact that’s why it saves your table space and certain to lift any room it’s in.

In today’s scenario, we all know how difficult to manage a subwoofer and soundbar wired.

Looking this JBL infinity provide a wireless subwoofer that will give great thumping base and take your listening power to the next level.

With this brand will give you a multi-function remote control for increase or decrease the output as per your choice.

In connectivity, this soundbar provided wireless Bluetooth USB aux ports that are good enough to manage your soundbar featured.



3. Blaupunkt SBWL02 – best Dolby soundbar for LED TV

It’s hard to find the best Dolby audio soundbar for LED TV in India. 

During competitive research, we found Blaupunkt Germany’s SBW-03 this is a great soundbar that has a dedicated subwoofer with Dolby audio support.

The highlighted feature of this sound where is Dolby audio 3D sound and Blaupunkt EQ Mode.

Blaupunkt always believes in quality that’s why this soundbar has 3D Dolby audio sound technology that brings great audio effect and creates a home theatre audio system at home.

This is 160W soundbar that comes with a subwoofer that delivers heavy bass and loud volume.

With this brand integrated 4 different audio modes for different propose. This has one movie mode one latest songs mode and 2 other different modes.

The best part of this soundbar is cinematic experience Technology that will give a cinematic audio experience while watching any movie or any songs at your home.

This soundbar made with premium quality metal with a mesh design that really looks great. The subwoofer quality is also great you didn’t find any problem with the design.

Because this is a very compact soundbar that’s why you can place it anywhere you want. This looks stylish with any LED TVs.

In connectivity, this premium soundbar offers HDMI ARC, Optical IN, USB, Bluetooth & AUX-In.



4. JBL Bar 2.0 Wireless Soundbar – Best Budget soundbar for smart TV

In the world of audio JBL is the number one audio gadgets manufacturing brand. under a great price JBL offer JBL bar 2.0 wireless soundbar.

this soundbar is one of the best soundbars for LED TV in India because this comes with the compact size and this has a brand reputation.

The best part of this soundbar is JBL sounding sound and JBL signature sound.

We all know JBL always deliver a great audio experience with her every device that’s why this soundbar also comes with great sound quality as well as clarity.

It has inbuilt 30W power output that will give an inbuilt surround sound experience at your home.

This soundbar is so compact and lightweight. it weighs just 617 gram under this price segment this is one of the best lightweight soundbars that exist in the Indian market

This has three side mash design that gives a better sound output. This doesn’t have any subwoofer but without a subwoofer, this gives a great bass.

JBL Doesn’t give any subwoofer because they mentioned that everyone does not need a dedicated subwoofer that’s why they make this compact dual Bass port soundbar.

In connectivity, this dual Bass soundbar has Bluetooth 5.0, HDMI USB plug and play, and optional connection port.

before buying this remember this doesn’t have any subwoofer if you need a dedicated subwoofer soundbar than I recommend Infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WL Sound Bar or Boat Aavante Bar 1700D Soundbar.



5. Mi Soundbar with 8 Speaker Drivers – 8 sound drivers soundbar

In the past few years, MI try to dominate all gadgets market special in India. Redmi is the number one mobile manufacturing brand in India after that MI try to make smartphone accessories and other gadgets.

 now mi starting to make budget audio soundbar this mi soundbar is one of them.

This is a budget soundbar form mi this soundbar has 8 sound drivers that cover 25000Hz frequency response.

the Audio drivers are so sharp and clean that will give good and loud sound experience. Inside this MI optimised the drivers for crisp treble sounds.

This compact soundbar delivers Enhanced Bass with passive radiators that will give cinematic experience at home. This has a stylish design with a fabric mesh overlay.

This available in 2 different colour variation first one is the white and the second one is black. The price may vary depending on your colour choices.

MI claim that you can set up this within 30 second that is literally amazing.

You can connect in this soundbar with any kind of Bluetooth supportable devices like TV, laptops or Android mobile.

This has multiple connectivity ports including an Optical, Aux-in, Line-in and Bluetooth V4.2 connections.

Looking at all of these features and budget we call this the best budget soundbar for LED TV in India.



6. BoAt AAVANTE Bar 1190 Bluetooth Soundbar – 3D experience Soundbar for led tv 

If you search for the best soundbar for LED TV under 6000 then boat AAVANTE Bar 1190 is the perfect option for you because this has 90 watt RMS with some different audio modes that make this soundbar a great value for money product.

When I was searching for this soundbar I find that the soundbar audio quality is great this delivery loud and clear audio but in new generation songs, the bass is not so good.

It has a 2.2 channel sound technology that will give you a visual experience.

This boat soundbar has 40w R.M.S for premium audio with 50W built-in Active subwoofer.

The body of this soundbar made with plastic that gives decent flexibility. This also has a LED panel that shows you music numbers and other features.

With this brand Integrate a dedicated master remote control for control all of your EQ modes and features.

This Device comes with entertainment modes such as news movies music and 3D experience mode.

If we talk about the connectivity option then this offers Bluetooth V5.0/AUX/USB/Coaxial and HDMI(ARC).



7. boAt AAVANTE BAR 1160 60W Bluetooth Soundbar – 4 dynamic driver Soundbar

As I mentioned before I will give you the best soundbar in every budget Segment. nowhere is the deal, under rupees 4000 BoAt boAt AAVANTE BAR 1160 60W Bluetooth Soundbar this is the best soundbar for LED TV and smart TVs.

Because hundred this price segment boAt offer the dynamic driver with 2.0 channel sound.

this budget soundbar has 2.0 channel sound that will give a decent amount of sound quality and clarity considering the price this doesn’t disappoint you.

It has 60W R.M.S that will deliver boAt SIGNATURE sound.

in normal sound that really feels great but if you are a crazy and loud music lover then I think the Bass is doesn’t satisfy you.

In normal volume or 70% – 75% volume this feels really great. After that, the bass is not so clear.

the Design looks awesome At first glance you may not realize that this is a budget soundbar.

the body made with premium quality polycarbonate with gradient look that gives this a premium holds. this is a compact soundbar that can be attachable with your wall.

Inside this boat integrate 2.25x 4 dynamic drivers that will give 60W boAt signature sound effect.

In connectivity ports, this device offers Bluetooth V4.2, AUX, USB. In 2021 I think Bluetooth 4.2 is an old version.

If you’re searching for a good budget soundbar that you can use in your home and you are not a very big music lover then this is a great option that you can purchase under rupees 4,000



8. Instaplay 10W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar – DSP Technology Soundbar

Now we reach our ultra-budget segment. Instaplay is a super budget audio gadgets manufacturing brand. Instaplay always tries to deliver value for money products.

under this price, this is the only soundbar that has DSP Technology with 3D stereo premium sound mod.

Looking at this price this device offers a good amount of sound with 10W sounds driver. 

in normal songs, you don’t get any problem but if you are a Loud songs music lover then it might be doesn’t satisfy you.

Inside this brand integrates crystal clear sound and tempering bass modes that will reduce the passive noise and boost your sound.

Compare other sounds on this price range this deliver the better sound effect. In designing brand did a great job. This looks very stylish and compact.

The weight of this device is just 1kg that makes this literally great. If you’re planning to use this soundbar on your computer then you can also do that.

This soundbar is compatible with any kind of Bluetooth supportable devices.

This is a soundbar and a Bluetooth speaker it has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. 

if you are planning to use this microphone then remember the quality is good but not the best.



9. Modernista Maestro Bar 20W Bluetooth Soundbar – Bluetooth V5.0 Budget soundbar

in our list, this is the cheapest soundbar witch available in the Indian market. Actually, this is a two in one device this is a Bluetooth speaker as well as a soundbar.

This device offered 2 x 10W R.M.S driver that capable of high-quality stereo sound. this to speaker offers fixable Bass and rich sound effect.

After the sound battery is the most important thing That’s why this has a 2400 mAh battery that will give on an average 5 to 6 hours of battery backup.

This is a very compact soundbar and Bluetooth speaker this comes with the classes ceiling design.

On the top this has four control button there you can control the soundbar volume and other features. On the front, this has a mash design that looks good.

Considering the price range of thousand this offer Bluetooth 5.0 that is literally great.

This soundbar also has other connect ports like Aux and USB Port Under price range of thousand, this will be a great option.

remember one thing if you are a normal user then you can go with this. 

But if you are a crazy music lover then I must recommend go with an expensive one that will give a balanced sound output without and sound quality.



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