Best smart tv buying guide | How to Choose the Best TV 2021

Television plays a very important role in our lives to relieve our daily fatigue. We use a TV for at least four to five hours in our daily life Which is why we need a device which can show good colour and quality videos.

When buying a good smart TV many questions come to our mind which screen size would be better, which panel would be better LED, QLED or OLED, Which screen resolution TV should I take and other different types of questions.

Best smart tv buying guide

With so many questions and so much confusion, we’ve created our Best Smart TV Buying Guide.

You can be sure that if you read this article completely then you will never have any confusion about smart TV in your life.

Best smart tv buying guide


Choosing the right smart TV under the right budget is the most and most important thing.

in the market, smart TVs are available in various budget ranges finding the perfect budget TV is Difficult.

Smart TV is not like your mobile that you change every two years. A TV is considered a long-term investment and you will use it for 5 to 8 years in the future. For this, you should try to increase the budget of your TV as much as possible and buy a good TV.

You should also check your selecting smart TV justify price or not.

The easiest way to do this is to compare the specifications of your favourite TV with the competitor of that TV within that price range.

In the Market brands like Sony, Samsung, LG usually provide expensive TV on the other hand brands like Xiaomi, realme, oneplus and TCL offered better value for money specifications and smart TVs.

Best TV Brands in India

In India, smart TVs are manufacturing by various brands some of them provide value for money tv and some offer very expensive Tv.

TV brand like Sony, Samsung, LG Panasonic is the premium television manufacturing brand and these brands have a wide range of market around of the world.

But in India, not every middle-class family can afford these brand TVs because this is so expensive.

if you looking for a TV on a budget then you always need to look in MI, VU, Kevin, TCL, Sanyo and Philips.

The size of the television

On the market, smart TV is available in various screen sizes like 24 inches 32 inches, 40 inches, 43 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches even 85 inches.

but the majority of people buy smart TV between 32 inches to 55 inches because these are the perfect fit for your bedroom drawing room and sitting room.

If you want to place your TV in a medium-size drawing room and you want to enjoy your movies in less than 5 feet then 32 inches TV is a perfect fit.

If the distance between you and your TV is 6 to 7 feet then a 43 inch TV may be a good option.

If the distance between 7 to 9 feet then you always need to consider 50 or 55 inches TV.

Please buy a TV according to the size of your drawing room and bedroom because if you have a small room and you buy a very large TV then your experience will be very bad.

In short purchase smart TV according to your drawing room and bedroom sizes.


 Perfect screen size

4-5 feet

32 inches

6-7 feet

43 inches

7-9 feet

50 or 55 inches

10-12 feet

65 inches

Display Type


OLED TV stands for organic light-emitting diode panel. Inside OLED manufacturers use organic material instead of the traditional LED.

Because inside a panel brand doesn’t use any LED that’s why panel show incredible pixel without any minor black pixel Because of that OLED TV only produce high contrast pictures with 10 times better colour accuracy compared to QLED panel.

The OLED panel is best for smart TV but OLED smart TV doesn’t come in any budget range that’s why it is not that much popular.

If you need the best on the market TV and you have the budget then you can go with OLED TV.


QLED panel stands for Quantum dot LED QLED panels that rank between OLEDs and LED TVs.

QLED TV comes with new generation screen technology which enables high-quality colour accuracy pictures and better viewing angle videos.

QLED TVs are much better than LED TV in colour accuracy and video resolution

few Popular smart TV manufacturers like VU, oneplus, Samsung, TCL etc offer QLED panels.

In short, if you can invest some more budget then you always need to pick QLED TV because this delivers high resolution and super brightness images compared to LED.


LED is the most famous smart TV panel type in India because LED TV is much cheaper and affordable in price.

Inside the LED panel you will find a backlight that delivers high colours images without any colour pumping or colour gradient issue.

But remember LED smart TV picture quality not much like OLED or QLED.

And one more thing that makes LED TV better is the brightness level LED provide better brightness compared to OLED and QLED.


Screen resolution means how many numbers of pictures you have on the screen.

If you don’t know then I let you know that the pictures we see on TV are made up of many small pixels.

The more pixels you have, the better image quality you can enjoy. In India, smart TV is available in 3 different screen resolutions HD ready, FHD and 4K.


HD ready 720P

720p or HD radio panel is capable of showing over 1 million pixels in a single frame rate.

Because of this 1 million pixel density, this delivers sharp colours and better visual pictures. In India mostly 32 inches TV offer 720p resolution panels.

HD resolution TVs are good for watching normal entertaining videos or if you use any HD set-top box then a 720p HD ready panel is the best option for you.

full HD 1080P

FHD panel is a better version of HD. a full HD panel is capable of showing over 2 million pixels in a single frame rate.

Because it shows over 2 million pixels that’s why it delivers the better image clarity and better smoothness that HD panels fail to provide.

Generally, 43 inches and 50 inches smart TV offers full HD panels.

FHD 1080 panel smart TV is best for full HD set-top box and Netflix prime video YouTube content streaming.

if you planning to purchase 43 inches or 50 inches smart TV and if the brand provides HD ready panels always try to avoid that because in medium-range screen size like 43 inches 720p pixel is not enough that’s why you always feel a lack of clarity.

4K UHD 2160

In today’s scenario, 4K is the best smart TV panel which is available in the Indian market.

4K ultra HD smart TV is capable of showing over 8 million pixels in a single frame rate that enhances the picture quality further and deliver incredible detail clarity with smooth images which are far better than full HD and HD.

4K smart TV is best for watching high resolution 4K contains or the latest Netflix and prime video 4K web series.

Which resolution TV do I need?

If you planning to purchase any budget TV around 15k or 16k then an HD 720p screen will be the best option for you else you always need to consider at least a full HD 1080p panel smart TV.

If you spend a little more and you want to future proof TV then you definitely need to purchase a 4K UHD smart TV.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is important for those who want to play council games or any heavy games on their smart TV.

In the market majority of smart TV comes with a normal 60 Hz refresh rate which is good for watching all of your high-resolution full HD 4K videos and movies.

In case if you love to watch action movies and heavy graphics demanded web shows or games then you always need to select high refresh rate screens like 120Hz.

But remember 60 Hz refresh rate TV comes in a budget, on the other hand, a 120 had refresh rate smart TV are very expensive.

Refresh Rate


When we talk about the best smart TV buying guide it hard to forget the audio performance and audio features.

Good audio quality can refresh our minds and deliver detailed sound. Special in India smart TVs come in different speaker watt systems in different screen sizes.

almost every 32 inches smart TV comes with a 20 watt sound speaker which is good enough for your bedroom and drawing room uses.

Inside Some big screens tv like 43 inches and 50 inches, you will find 24 watts or 30-watt speakers.

In 2021 smart TVs are getting lighter and more slimmer that’s why it’s hard to attach a dedicated high-quality speaker.

If you want high resolution and high-quality audio then I will recommend you to purchase a dedicated soundbar or home theatre system.


Increasing your smart TV stability and performance TV specifications also play a very important role.


Special in smart TV CPU increase the smart TV stability and better OTT platform running experience.

while Selecting your best smart TV choose a device that has a minimum of 4 cores and 1.5GHz of Speed.


Ram and storage

The short and sweet answer is the more RAM and storage you have on your TV, the better.

If your TV has more Ram then you can do better multitasking and app switching without slowing down the TV or any difficulty.

If your smart TV has more storage then you can store all of your favourites shows web series and movies.

In the Indian market, most smart TVs come with a balance of 1.5 GB RAM and 8 GB of storage capacity.

Few popular mid-range smart TV offers 2GB RAM along with 16GB storage capacity.

If you are on a very tight budget and you planning to buy any 32 inches smart TV then you can go with a minimum of 1GB RAM and 8GB of storage capacity.

If you buy any 43 inches or mid-range price range TV then you always need to pick at least 1.5 GB of RAM and 8GB storage capacity.


The operating system helps you to manage all of the smart TV specifications and features. General in Indian market All smart TV manufacturing brand has their own operating system like Samsung have Tizen OS, TCL has Roku Tv, and LG have web OS.

In smart TV you can run all of your entertainment OTT platforms including Netflix prime video Hotstar etc.

The biggest downfall of smart TV is inside a smart TV you only use the software that the smart TV manufacturer offers.

In the market majority, smart TV doesn’t support Android features like Google Play, voice control and Google assistant.

In short, while choosing your smart TV always check carefully inbuild software and smart features or if the brand offers any Google features or not.

Connectivity Features

in the Best smart TV buying guide, the connectivity options also play an important role. Before purchasing your favourite smart TV make sure that smart tv has at least 3 USB ports.

If you planning to purchase any budget smart TV then check that has at least 2 USB port or not.

And in HDMI connectivity make sure that has at least two HDMI port or not. in short, make sure that your smart TV present at least 2 USB and 2 HDMI ports.

TV Remote

User-friendly quality remote is important for controlling all of your smart TV features and commands.

while selecting your smart TV make sure the brand provide All smart switches including Netflix, YouTube, prime video etc.

Also, check your smart TV has any voice controlling features or not.


If I summarise this best smart TV buying guide in a few words then make sure your smart TV must have 43 inches 4k IPS LED display.

If you need any big size then you can go 55 inches 4K IPS LED smart TV. ensure your smart TV has at least 2 GB ram and 16GB of internal storage.

if we talk about sound quality, then check smart TV has 20 watts or 24 Watt of sound speakers. In connectivity, smart TV manufacturers must provide 3 USB ports and 2 HDMI ports.

If you check all of these points then you definitely found the perfect smart TV for your home in 2021.

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