9 Best laptop for video editing under 50000 in India (2021) | Buyer’s Guide!

If you don’t want to lose your valuable time and jump straight to the answer, then the best laptop for video editing under 50000 in India to most people is Acer Aspire 7.

The number of video editors is increasing day by day and now everyone knows that they can make their career not only offline but also online through video editing.

Mostly we all know video editing laptops are comes over a lakh but not every beginner can afford that which is why we created this Best laptop for video editing under 50000 article.

Best laptop for video editing under 50000

Despite being on a budget all the below mentioned laptops deliver decent performance in full HD and normal video editing.

You can be sure all the below mentioned laptops have good RAM and storage upgradability options for increasing the laptop smoothness and performance further.

Best laptop for video editing under 50000

Best video editing laptop under 50K

Next in line Best video editing laptop

3GB Graphics video Editing laptop 

10th Generation i5 CPU laptop

20GB Ram upgradability support 

Excellent battery life laptop 

512GB Storage video editing laptop

Decent 2GB graphics laptop in India

Decent video editing laptop 

1. Acer Aspire 7 – Best laptop for video editing under 50000

At this price, this is the most value for money video editing device which you can purchase.

This laptop comes equipped with heavy performance Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics memory which is capable of doing full HD video editing smoothly.

Not only video editing this graphics memory is also capable of doing over 60fps gaming.

for Making this ultra-powerful and improving your rendering performance this has the ryzen 5 quad-core 3550H processor.

The best part of this device is the full HD 16.9 Aspect Ratio display which shows Panchi and good colour images and videos in all of your video editing applications including premiere Pro and filmora.

The laptop has 250 NITs of brightness which is a decent brightness level for a video editing laptop.

At this price, we all know we can’t expect any 16GB DDR4 RAM laptop that’s why it has 8GB DDR4 RAM which is a decent Ram capacity for running your normal full HD video editing applications.

On the storage, it has 512 GB SSD which is a good enough storage capacity for video editors and content creators for storing video editing files, data and other software.

On this device, the brand integrates a few interesting features including a backlight LED, matte black finishing design and 32 GB of RAM upgradeability slot.

At a full charge, it delivers nearly 6.5 hours of screen on time, for a video editing laptop under 50000 the battery backup is quite decent.

In short, if you can spend slightly more, then undoubtedly this is the best laptop for video editing that you need to choose because it has a 4GB powerful graphics memory along with super interesting specifications.



2. Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 – Next in line Best budget video editing laptop in India

For a quite long time, this laptop ranks as one of the best laptops for video editing under 50000 because it has 2 years of warranty and a powerful 2GB graphics memory.

This device comes with a 10th generation i5 CPU which allow you to run all of your video editing related application smoothly and help you in your rendering and video file Editing time.

For increasing your CPU performance and smoothness Lenovo uses the Nvidia MX330 2GB graphics card which is a decent graphics card for full HD video editing and normal casual gaming.

This comes with 8GB DDR4 RAM which helps you to run your filmora and premiere pro video editing software at the same time.

it Featured a 300 NITs brightness 15.6 inches IPS display which makes this a great video editing laptop for outdoor uses.

A big brand like Lenovo knows how important to balance the specification and software that’s why Lenovo promise to give this free windows 11 upgrade when the OS is available.

inside this video editing device, Lenovo offers Dolby audio and dual speakers which improve the audio clarity and the loudness that help you in your content streaming and movie watching time.

It has a very think and lightweight design which make this a perfect laptop for carrying in your backpack and offices.

along with this Lenovo is also offer a Q control smart battery optimizer mode which reduces unnecessary battery usage and delivers an average 7.5 hours screen on time in your filmora and premiere Pro video editing software.

In short, this device features a 10th generation processor along with the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which make this value for money video editing device under 50k price.



3. Lenovo IdeaPad L340 – 3GB Graphics video Editing laptop under 50000

This is another heavy performance laptop from Lenovo. On this device, Lenovo uses NVidia GTX 1050 3GB DDR5 graphics card which is a decent graphics card for filmora and Premiere Pro users.

It has 8GB DDR4 RAM along with 1TB HDD storage which is a standard requirement for a video editing device under 50000.

it runs on the 9th generation Intel core i5 CPU which is why it may take slightly longer time while rendering full HD videos.

For making this through gaming and video editing device Lenovo uses a backlit keyboard that looks stylish and allows you to do your video editing task at night.

Looking at the budget it offers a 15.6 inch IPS display which show decent visual and high-resolution colours in outdoor and indoor conditions but it has slightly bigger bezels in the above section which many video editor may not like.

Its weight at 2.2 kg which is not an ideal laptop for college students and office workers.

On the connectivity front, it has Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 4.2. at this price, I think Lenovo should need to offer the latest generation Bluetooth and wireless connectivity features.

This device comes in combination with an HD 720p camera along with a privacy shutter which closes your camera from third party non-camera related software.

It brings all connectivity ports including 2 USB 3.1 and types c.

For high-quality cooling performance, this laptop has a dual-fan thermal engine cooling system which helps you in heavy video editing time.

On the battery, Lenovo use 45 watt-hours which enable an average 6.5 hours screen on time remember the battery backup may vary depending on your users

In short in our list of the best laptop under 50000 this is another great device but remember it has the 9th generation CPU and the wireless connectivity features are not that good.



4. ASUS VivoBook 14 – Best 10th Generation i5 CPU laptop for Video Editing

This is the downgraded version of the ASUS VivoBook Ultra 15.

Despite being a budget version it offers all the specifications including dual storage and a 2GB dedicated graphics card.

On this device, the brand integrates 14 inches very compact powerful full HD clear display because of this compact display Asus can offer a chiclet keyboard.

This keyboard doesn’t have any number key section but in video editing, you don’t face any problem.

The laptop runs on the 10th generation Intel Core i5 CPU which very few laptop manufacturers offer under the 50000 price range.

The 10th generation i5 CPU make this laptop another best value for money laptop for video editing under 50000.

The best and highlighted part of this laptop is the 1TB HDD + 256 GB SSD storage combination.

in 1TB storage, you can store your video editing files and in 256 GB storage, you can store all of your applications like film Sony Vegas and Premiere Pro.

On the graphics, it has an Nvidia MX130 2GB graphics card which is a great graphics chipset for YouTubers and short video clip editors remember this graphics card is not built for 4K video editing.

Despite being a budget device it featured a precious touchpad that supports multi-gesture.

This compact looking build quality makes this laptop a perfect device for college students and office workers.

Asus mention on its buying page that it offers an average of 8 hours of screen on time in a heavy productivity period but in our research, we find this delivers an average 7 hours screen on time.

in short, If you do travelling and you need a laptop for editing YouTube videos and short films then undoubtedly this laptop is the best choice for you under 50,000.



5. Acer Aspire 3 – 20GB Ram upgradability support video editing laptop

Acer aspire 3 is another value for money choice for YouTubers and other content creators because it has mostly all specifications which a video editor need including the big storage capacity and Powerful CPU.

At this price, it offers the 10th generation Intel core i5 CPU which is a decent processor for rendering full HD videos and other content creating applications.

It has a very unique design with a metal build that looks stylish and make this premium.

The 1TB storage is a sufficient storage capacity for video editors and publishers but remember because inside this brand use HDD storage For that reason, it may take you a little longer to load Windows.

On the graphics performance, it has the Nvidia MX 330 2GB graphics which is not the best one but at this price, it delivers enough performance.

The laptop features an 8GB system Ram which is capable of running more than two to three video editing applications at the same time the best part of this laptop is, the RAM can be upgradable up to 20 GB.

The powerful CPU and 20 GB RAM upgradable feature make this laptop the best laptop for video editing under 50000.

On the display, it has 15.6 inches panel which is capable of showing good detail videos and Panchi colours in Indore but in outdoor uses, you may face some brightness issues.

Not only video Editing it is also a great device for day to day uses and multimedia content watching. 

the audio quality of this laptop is loud and clear that’s why you don’t get any problem while enjoying music and movies.

Despite having a so slim design inside this Acer can offer a big battery that delivers an average of 7.4 hours of screen on time in heavy use.

in brief, This is an ideal laptop for budget YouTubers or for those who can’t spend so much money on their video Editing device.



6. ASUS VivoBook Ultra 15 – Excellent battery life laptop under 50000

Asus vivobook 15 is added a heavy multitasking device from Asus.

Looking at this specification I don’t say this is the best on the market but it offers interesting features which many video editors may like.

It comes with 512 GB SSD storage capacity along with 8GB DDR4 RAM the combination of both improve the laptop stability and enhance your video editing quality and experience further.

The 15.6 inches full HD display colour accuracy is decent for the price but many people complain about the brightness level.

At this price, Asus use integrated graphics which is a decent graphics memory for editing images and normal videos but remember this laptop is not built for 4K video editing and high setting gaming.

For making this an ultra-lightweight carrying device Brand use aluminium built with a shiny looking finishing.

The lightweight design makes this laptop the best laptop for video editing under 50000.

The most highlighted feature of this laptop is the AMD ryzen 5 4500U processor which has a max 4.0 boost frequency and 12 threads.

This CPU is undoubtedly an idle CPU for rendering full HD videos and other 3D modelling type software.

This device brand also integrates a few interesting features like a fingerprint reader, backlit keyboard and windows 11 free upgrade which make this value for money device.

The device has an HDMI port for connecting other big monitors and displays which help you in your advanced video editing sessions.

Brand mention it takes nearly 1.5 hours to charge completely and at a full charge, this delivers around 7.3 hours of screen on time in video editing event.

in the short-term, This laptop is an ideal choice for those who need a device for travelling or for carrying it in college and offices.



7. HP 15 – Big 512GB Storage video editing laptop under 50000

This is one of the most selling HP laptops in 2021. On the internet, this laptop has more than 300+ 4.5 ratings which show user satisfaction and after-sales service quality.

It comes with a ryzen 5 5500U Hexa core processor which has a max clock speed of 4.1GHz.

The CPU is assuredly capable of full HD video rendering but in Sony Vegas use you may face some difficulty.

The combination of 8GB DDR4 3200 MHz RAM and 512 GB NVMe M.2 SSD improve your video editing smoothness to the next level.

The best part of this device is the 16 GB of RAM upgradable option means in future if you think 8GB RAM is not sufficient for you then you can upgrade it up to 16GB which make this the best video editing laptop under 50000.

inside this brand use a big full HD display that can show over a million pixels in a single FPS which looks excellent.

But on this laptop, you may see some bigger bezels on the top and bottom sections which is normal for a budget device.

Because of this big-screen size, HP can offer a full-size keyboard which improves your typing and productivity experience further.

The audio quality and the camera clarity is good for the price but many people complain about the Dell Laptop touchpad.

On the battery front, HP offers 4 cell lithium-ion battery that enables an average 7 hours screen on time.

in short, this laptop runs on AMD Radeon graphics but despite having integrated graphics it can easily do full HD and normal video editing.



8. Acer Swift 3 – Decent 2GB graphics video editing laptop in India

Back in the day in the world of productivity, this laptop is called the best video editing device under 50000 because of its graphics and light design.

The main reason to include this laptop in our list is the 2GB dedicated graphics card which delivers far better performance than any integrated graphics.

On it, Acer uses the 8th generation i5 CPU which is not as powerful as the 10th generation one but at normal video editing sessions, you don’t get many problems.

Another highlighted part of this laptop is 8GB DDR4 RAM which enables lag-free video editing and multitasking experience.

In 2021 we all know how important the storage capacity is that’s why it has 512 GB SSD storage.

this SSD storage is not only good for storing your video files it also reduces your windows loading time and improves the laptop stability further.

the laptop design is outstanding for the price this builds with polycarbonate but the qualities are top of the notch.

Because of this polycarbonate build, it has only 1.2 kg of weight which make this a great laptop for video editing under 50000.

The 14 inches full HD display is capable of showing visuals and punchy colours in outdoor and indoor areas but it has slightly bigger bezels which many video editors may not like.

On this device, the brand is also integrated a small compact looking fingerprint for improving laptop security further.

Despite having a slim size and Powerful system configuration it offers an average 7 hours screen on time in video rendering sessions.

In short, this is a great device for video editing but it has an 8th generation i5 CPU which is not that much capable of rendering full HD videos which is why I don’t recommend this for a professional video editor.



9. Dell Inspiron 3505 – Decent video editing laptop for a normal video editor

when we talk about the best budget laptop for video editing it is hard to forget the Dell Inspiron 3505 laptop.

In the market, this is not the best one but it has almost every basic feature which is a video editor need in 2021.

This laptop has 256 GB SSD + 1TB HDD storage which is the highlighted part of this laptop.

It runs on an AMD ryzen 3 3250U CPU which offer decent performance in normal video Editing applications but remember this is not capable of running Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas type premium software.

inside this brand use the AMD Radeon Vega integrated graphics which deliver better performance compared to Intel integrated graphics but in gaming you face problems.

it built with polycarbonate but the built quality is not that impressive which is why you may don’t like the laptop build and finishing.

It also has a large display but the display border is bigger than usual which decrease the laptop-style.

This has 8GB DDR4 RAM for high-quality multitask. this RAM is capable enough to handle more than 4-5 applications and software at the same time.

on This device, dell use polycarbonate that’s why it has 1.8 kg of weight which is a decent laptop weight under 50000.

in battery performance, this device has a decent battery which enables an average of 6 hours of screen on time.

in short, if you need a device for basic video editing and you don’t want to use heavy video editing applications like Sony Vegas premiere Pro then you can go with this.

But I don’t recommend this device for YouTubers and full HD video editors at this price in the Indian market you will find better options.



Best laptop for video editing under 50000 - Buying Guide

Processor and Performance

A powerful CPU can increase the video editing application smoothness and stability that’s why while selecting the best video editing laptop you always need to check the CPU at first.

In the industry at this price laptops are come in variant different CPUs among them the most popular and powerful one is the Intel 10th generation i5 CPU.

Also in our list, we mention laptops that comes with AMD ryzen 5 series CPUs and AMD ryzen 3 series CPUs.

For video editing in our research, we find the 10th generation i5 delivers better performance because intel is always known for its CPU optimisation and stability.

intel CPU

on the other hand, the ryzen 5 series CPU is best for gaming but in video editing, they are not as capable as the 10th generation i5.

Also, we mention a few laptops which offer ryzen 3 series and old generation i5 CPUs because under this price we don’t have many options.

I always recommend avoiding those laptops and trying to purchase the 10th generation i5 and ryzen 5 series laptops.

in short, always try to purchase the latest generation intel’s laptops or the ryzen 5 CPU you don’t get any problem while running most of your video editing application.


At this price, not all laptops have a dedicated 4GB graphics card which is why in our list we include different GPU capacities and type devices.

we include one or two devices that offer 4GB graphics cards if you are a heavy video Editor then you can purchase those laptops.

on the other hand for normal video editing, you can go with any 2GBdedicated graphics card.

Also, we mention laptops that come in integrated graphics memory because we need to complete our list.

integrated graphics is good for basic video and image editing but when it comes to full HD video editing integrated graphics memory is not capable of that.

In short under your budget, if you find any 4GB graphics card laptop with the latest generation processor then you can purchase that else you always need to select the device which offers a minimum of 2 GB of dedicated graphics memory.


Having a good colourful display is a great thing to increase your video editing visual quality and experience to the next level.

This is why while selecting the best laptop for video editing under 50k prize always check the display resolution and other features.

In this comprehensive article, we only include full HD video editing laptops which is why if you purchase any of the above mention devices you don’t need to worry.

When selecting your laptop makes sure your device offer a full HD 14 inches or 15.6 inches display which is the minimum requirement for a video editing device.

laptop Screen

You can also check some other display features like the screen to body ratio or your display offering any anti-glare screen protector or not.

In short in time of choosing your laptop make sure your device offers 14 inches or 15.6 inches full HD 250NITs brightness panel.


For increasing video editing performance and Editing experience RAM is another important thing but before talking about RAM remember more Ram doesn’t increase your Editing performance but less RAM surely decrease your laptop smoothness.

At this price, the laptop comes in mostly 8GB and 4GB ram capacity but you always need to select an 8GB DDR4 RAM laptop because these days video editing software like Premiere Pro, filmora can’t run on a 4GB Ram.

while selecting 8GB DDR4 RAM make sure your laptop offers a minimum of 12GB Ram upgrade option because in future if you think 8GB RAM is not enough then you need to upgrade it.

In brief, while choosing your device buy a laptop that offers an 8GB of Ram and a minimum of 12 GB of RAM upgradability option.


There was no doubt that video editing files and software size is increasing day by day which is why video editor need big storage capacity.

In this price range laptops are come mostly with 3 types of storage capacity 512 GB SSD, 1TB HDD + 256 GB SSD and 1TB HDD.

Now you must be wondering which is storage capacity is good for you?

The 512 GB SSD storage is best for those who want to store normal video editing files and short films.

on the other hand, 1TB HDD + 256 GB storage is best for those who store full HD files and other multimedia content along with their filmora and Premiere Pro software.

These days I don’t recommend any 1TB HDD laptop because HDD is 3 times slower than SSD which is why in HDD storage you always feel slow and the leg performance.

In short, you can purchase any 512 GB SSD or 1TB HDD + 256 GB storage combination you don’t get too many problems while saving your video editing data and applications.

Battery Life

Battery backup may vary depending on your laptop system configuration if you purchase any heavy video editing or gaming laptop then you can expect an average of 5.5 hours of screen on time.

On the other hand, if you purchase any slim and light laptop then you can expect a minimum of 7 hours of screen on.

Because inside a video editing and heavy performance gaming laptop brand used the big cooling system and powerful graphics memory which is why those laptops consume more energy.

On the other hand, a light laptop doesn’t have any heavy cooling system that’s why it consumes less power and deliver a better screen on time.

Buying guide in short

If you don’t want to read this entire buying guide then in time to select the best laptop for video editing under 50000 select a device that has a 10th generation i5 or ryzen 5 series CPU with 15.6 or 14 inches full HD 250NITs brightness display.

And make sure your laptop offers a minimum of 8GB RAM and 512 GB SSD or 1TB HDD + 256 GB storage combination.

Because the battery is another crucial thing for a video editing device that’s why While selecting the heavy performance video editing laptop make sure your device offer at least 5.3 hours of screen on time.

if you purchase any slim laptop then make sure your laptop offers a minimum of 7 hours of battery backup.

Last Few Word

This is our comprehensive article and buying guide on the best laptop for video editing under 50000.

At this price, we try our best to include only value for money devices but we all know this is a very limited budget which is why we also mention some devices that come with integrated graphics memory.

In short, if you need a heavy performance video editing device then I think the Acer Aspire 7 is the best choice.

If you think in this comprehensive article we didn’t include your favourite video editing laptop then comment below I will definitely include that in our next comprehensive article.

While selecting your device if you face any problem then let me know I will reply back your comment within an hour.

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