9 Best 55 Inches 4k Smart Tv Under 50000 in India (HDR 10+, Android 10 with Wi-Fi)

after Researching around 100 4K smart TV we created this comprehensive list of the best 55 inches 4K smart TV under 50000 rupees.

These days televisions are getting better in terms of picture quality and price to performance ratio.

4K television is one of the most recommended things for those who want to stream visual content with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Best 55 Inches 4k Smart Tv Under 50000

4K television also called ultra HD television because a 4K television is four times better than a full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels TV.

You can be sure that all the below present 4k TVs are best in colour performance and picture quality.

If you purchase any of the following 4k TV then you don’t feel you purchase any wrong product or your money get total wested.

Also, I mention all the FAQ about 55 inches 4K TVs below. So without any further ADO let’s have a look at our top 55 inches 4K smart TV under 50k.

Best 55 Inches 4k Smart Tv Under 50000

Best 4k Smart Tv Under 50K

Next in line Best 4k Smart Tv

100-watt speaker 55 Inches TV 

55 Inches Tv with 16 GB storage

Best sound system Smart 4k TV

MEMC technology Smart Tv

4K Active HDR with DTS-X TV

Best attractive look Smart Tv

55 Inches fantastic picture  Tv

1. iFFALCON 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Best 55 Inches 4k Smart Tv Under 50K

this is an Android certified smart LED TV which enables incredible performance with a stylish look. It comes with an Android 9 operating system that brings some incredible software with Play Store.

With the help of the Play Store, you can download your favourite web streaming application.

This smart TV has a 4K ultra HD resolution panel with HDR 10 and A+ grade panel which ensure high-quality pictures.

The sleek design and slim body make this a perfect fit for your drawing room and bedroom uses.

For incredible picture quality brand integrate a 30-watt dual speaker that delivers surrounding sound with Dolby audio features.

the audio quality and clarity is top of the notch you don’t get any problem. This 4k smart TV has all the latest applications include Netflix, Google Play Store, prime video etc.

all this integrated software delivered unlimited watch time content. With the help of mali470 and 2GB RAM, it guarantees high-quality performance.

For storing new software videos and other applications this offers a 16GB storage limit.

Other incredible features like 330 nite brightness, latest Bluetooth and dynamic colour enhance the smart TV picture quality.

this 4K Android TV features 3 HDMI port to connect the set-top box and it has 2 USB port to connect hard drives and the other USB devices.



2. Samsung 55 inches 4K Pro Smart LED TV – Next in line Best 55 inches 4k Smart Tv in india.

Undoubtedly this is the best 55 inches 4K smart TV under 50000 rupees. This 4K smart TV features a crystal clear 4K Pro series UHD display which shows over 60Hz pictures.

With the help of HDR 10 + and mega contrast system, it enhances the picture quality and clarity.

Inside this Samsung integrate 20-watt output speaker which delivers surrounding sound with decent volume and great clarity.

For increasing this 4k TV usability Samsung use crystal processor 4K which is one of the best multitasking processor available in India.

The combined power of 1.5 GB ram and 8GB storage deliver great smooth performance.

For making this Samsung use ultra Nano side bezel because of that you will always enjoy full-size images with great viewing angle.

other important features like the universal guide, web browser, screen mirroring voice assistant enhances the 4k TV performance further.

For connecting gaming consoles and other hard drives inside this 4k TV Samsung use 3 HDMI port and 1 USB port.

These days I don’t think one USB port will be enough. Samsung should have given at least 2 USB ports.

For wireless connectivity, this smart TV has built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet and the latest Bluetooth. 

The picture quality and incredible Airslim design make this the best 55 inches 4K smart TV under 50k.



3. Vu 55 inches 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Android TV – Best 100-watt speaker 55 Inches TV

This Android smart TV features a 100watt front soundbar system that enables incredible audio performance. The 100watt soundbar system makes this one of the best sound system 55 inches 4K smart TV under 50000.

For incredible picture quality Vu integrate a 3840 x 2160 pixels panel which show over 60Hz refresh rate videos.

With the help of HDR 10, HLG and active contrast it ensures high-quality colour performance. The smart 4K TV has three side nano bezels that deliver big pictures.

Because in the below section this smart TV has a 100-watt soundbar speaker that’s why it has a slightly big border Which many may not like.

For super fast processing power, Vu integrates a 1.4GHz quad-core processor. With the help of Android 9 and 2GB RAM, it delivers high-quality multitasking performance.

for storying your favourite movies, songs and software it presents 16GB storage capacity which is also a great thing.

This 4K ultra HD smart TV features a remote control with dedicated Netflix, Google Play, YouTube and various switches.

For connecting gaming consoles VU integrates 3 HDMI port and connecting your other storage and hard drives it has 2 USB port.

Other important features like Dolby vision HD and 4K visual motion enhance the picture and smart TV performance.

this smart tv has incredible features with great pictures quality which make this the best 55 inches 4K smart TV under 50000 in India.



4. TCL 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Android Smart TV – Best 55 Inches Tv with 16 GB storage

In the world of display and smart TV manufacturing, TCL is a well-known brand. TCL always try to make value for money products.

Inside this 4k TV, TCL uses a 60hz refresh rate showing panel which delivers incredible pictures clarity.

This smart TV comes with 24-watt output Dolby audio with a surrounding sound speaker which produces a high-quality sound experience.

With the help of 2GB ram, you will enjoy seamless multitasking performance in all of your entertainment software.

This slim looking ultra-stylish TV is a perfect fit for your drawing room and bedroom.

Also in the box, you will find wall attachment all mechanism. For improving the smart TV performance TCL uses an octa-core CPU.

This CPU is capable of handling all of your entertainment apps including Netflix premiere Pro Hotstar.

other important features like dynamic colour mechanism and 4K upscaling ensure a high-quality colour performance.

In this smart TV brand integrative old looking sleek remote. Despite the old look it has dedicated Netflix, zee5, prime video switches.

For wireless connectivity, this 55 inches smart TV has the latest Bluetooth 5, wi-fi and screen mirroring features.

Its HDR 10 and AI-IN features with equal ease make this one of the best 55 inches 4K smart TV under 50000.



5. Hisense 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Android TV – Best sound system Smart Tv Under 50K

this 4k ultra HD smart Android TV comes with a 6 speaker system that delivers 102 watts surrounding sound.

The speaker is so loud and so clear. For enjoying your movies music you don’t need any dedicated soundbar.

this 4k TV comes with 5G Wi-Fi with a built-in Bluetooth system to deliver incredible wireless connectivity speed and performance.

With the help of 2GB RAM and an octa-core processor, this delivers improbable multitasking and system performance.

For improving the colour clarity and colour performance Hisense uses some primary features like precision colours, UHD AI Upscaler and ultra-vivid panel.

Indesign brand did a great job this 4K smart TV comes with very thin and light bezels which show big pictures and give a better viewing angle.

For improving the system performance this smart TV comes with Android 9 pie which delivery stable performance.

in connectivity, this 4k tv has 3 HDMI port and 2 USB port which is good enough in 2021.

In short, the 102-watt JBL speaker makes this smart TV the best sound system 4k TV under 50k.

For showing unlimited content it partners 5000+ applications including Netflix, prime video, zee5 and alt Balaji.



6. Kodak 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV – MEMC technology Smart Tv  in India

This 55 inches 4K ultra HD smart LED TV brings a double A+ grade panel with HDR 10 support which delivers incredible pictures in new generation videos, movies and shows.

it comes with a 60Hz refresh rate 178-degree viewing angle panel which enhance the video performance.

With the help of 4 surface nano bezels and ultra-slim design, this makes a perfect fit for your bedroom, drawing room or any other places.

This 4k smart TV can be mounted on the wall. After mounting the TV you will find enough free space to place a soundbar or an X-Box.

Kodak 55 inches TV compatible with MEMC technology and Google assistant to ensure a fantastic performance.

it powered by a 1.4GHz MediaTek quad-core CPU with 2GB RAM that delivers excellent performance including fast apps switching time.

this smart TV comes with the latest Android 10 operating system which brings Google assistant and custom built-in wifi support.

for incredible wireless connectivity in this smart 4k TV comes with built-in Wi-Fi that has 2.4 GHz speed. The smart TV partners with 5000 Plus apps and games which deliver unlimited content.

With the help of 30-watt output dual speaker, this delivers great clear sound. In connectivity, this 55 inches smart TV has 3 HDMI and 2 USB.



7. Mi 55 Inches 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV – 4K Active HDR with DTS Virtual X TV

This is another great 4k smart TV for daily uses. Under 50k this 4K ultra HD resolution panel show over 60Hz smooth pictures.

This TV runs on the latest Android TV 9.0 which brings Play Store and improve smart TV smoothness.

For incredible picture quality MI integrate a vivid picture engine with 4K HDR 10.

Some other interesting features like a built-in Wi-Fi, patch wall and Google assistant enhance the smart TV performance.

This smart 4k TV runs on an octa-core CPU with 2 GB RAM which assures high-quality multitasking performance.

Inside this 4k TV, MI integrate 8GB storage capacity which is also a decent storage capacity under 50k.

it comes with 20-watt output dual speaker with Dolby audio with the DTS-X processing system. The sound clarity is excellent but remembers this speaker are not so loud.

this 55 inches MI smart TV has 4 side nano bezels display which enhances the picture quality.

For providing you unlimited content MI partners with 20 + content producers including Hotstar, Netflix and YouTube.

The Powerful performance and 4K clarity videos make this the best 55 inches 4K smart TV under 50000.



8. LG 55 inches 4K UHD Smart LED TV – The best attractive looks Smart Tv under 50K

in this list of best 55 inches 4K smart TV under 50000 we have the LG UHD Android TV. This is also value for money smart TV which comes with a 50Hz refresh rate showing panel.

for enhancing 4K pictures and ultra HD videos LG uses a true colour accuracy system with 4K active HDR which deliver great pictures and videos.

this also a very slim smart tv But the side bezel are a little thicker than its competitor. Which is not a very big problem while watching your entertainment videos.

With the help of a 20-watt output powerful sound speaker with DTS-X, it delivers incredible clarity audio but Remembers the sound of this TV is not so loud.

Inside this 4K smart TV LG use a quad-core processor to ensure high-quality performance. This smart tv has 1.5 GB of RAM which empowers high-quality multitasking.

For putting your video and software this has only 4GB storage. LG should have given at least 8GB capacity with a budget of Rs 50,000

For enhancing the picture quality further LG uses Ceramic BK + Dark Steel Silver technology.

This 4K smart TV comes with a remote controller which presents dedicated Netflix, prime video and Google assistant switches.  In short, this is another great 55 inches 4K smart TV in India.



9. Toshiba 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart TV – Fantastic picture quality 55 Inches 4k Smart Tv

In the past few years, Toshiba makes a great impact on the Indian market. This 55 inches smart TV run on Toshiba Vidaa OS, which brings some incredible software like Hungama Plus, browsers, YuppTV.

For making this smart TV powerful and energy-efficient Toshiba use a liquid force CPU which is one of the best CPU in the market for 4K TVs.

With the help of colour remaster, active motion resolution Plus, and super contrast booster it enables high clarity pictures.

this smart TV has screen mirroring features using this you will enjoy your favourite games and videos from mobiles and laptops to your large 4K screen.

for delivering fast multitasking performance Toshiba used 1.5 GB RAM which is a decent Ram capacity under the 50k price segment.

With the help of 30-watt output multichannel surrounding sound speaker, this smart TV offers incredible clarity and loud audio with decent bass.

to give this TV a unique look Toshiba use 4 side Nano edges with a slim design which make this a perfect smart TV for table sizes or any other places.

Other important features like CEVO 4K HDR, HLG, HDR 10+ enhance the picture quality further.

For connecting your favourite gaming consoles and USB devices this smart TV has 3 HDMI port and 2 USB port.



Best 55 Inches 4k Smart Tv Under 50000 - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best 55-inch 4k smart tv under 50k?

After researching around 17 hours we found that the iFFALCON 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart TV is the best 4K smart TV under 50k.

This smart TV offer 2GB RAM with 16GB storage capacity it has all the features with incredible 4K picture quality.

Looking at all these features an incredible Mali 470 CPU we call this the best 55 inches 4K smart TV on our list.

2. Which is better Samsung or LG Smart TV?

Special in the Indian market both brands offer value for money and great picture quality TV but in the world of display manufacturing Samsung has a great reputation.

In the Indian market, Samsung offers more budget series, as well as premium flagship series TV which LG, fail to provide that’s why we think Samsung is the better smart TV manufacturing brand in India.

3. Which TV brand lasts the longest?

this is one of the most asked questions on the internet Which TV brand lasts the longest. the simple answer is there is no specific brand of TV that lasts longer.

but some reputed brands TV like Samsung VU, TCL, LG, iffalcon and Toshiba offer great smart TVs. If you purchase any of the above-mentioned brands then you don’t need to worry at all.

4. Which is the best sound system 4k tv in India?

under a Price tag of 50k Hisense 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Android TV is the best sound system television.

This smart TV comes with 102-watt output 6 JBL speaker system which delivers incredible loud volume with great clarity.

Also, you can try the VU 4K ultra HD tv which comes with a 100-watt soundbar system that delivers great quality audio with dynamic Bass.

5. Which TV has the best picture and sound quality under 50000?

under 50,000 if you need a balance smart TV then you can go with iFFALCON 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart TV and TCL 4K ultra HD Android TV.

both smart TVs are best in colour performance and audio clarity you don’t get any issue in day to day uses.

6. Which is better Qled or OLED?

Both technologies offer great pictures quality Qled display comes with higher brightness longer lifespan and large screen size with minimal price cost and on the other hand, OLED display offers a better viewing angle with deeper black levels.

Last Few Word

These are some best 55 inches 4K smart TV under 50000 in India. I hope you like this comprehensive article.

If you purchase any above 4k TV then you don’t feel you purchase any wrong product or your money get totally wasted all the above-mentioned TV show best-in-class pictures with incredible details.

If you have any doubt while selecting the best 55 inches TV feel free to comment below.

if you think we didn’t include your favourite 55 inches 4k tv then let me know I will definitely include that in our next article.

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