About us

The main objective behind creating reviewpanther.com was to provide solutions to all the questions that a person has before investing in a laptop.

It’s not just a product review or product suggestion blog, it’s a complete laptop knowledge hub.

Now you might be thinking who am I to give you knowledge about laptops?

So Let Me Intrude Myself.

Hi, my name is Jayanta Biswas, I am an Engineer, Blogger and YouTuber.

I am the CEO and founder of reviewpanther.com. I am a laptop and computer problem solution finder and I was interested in technology, software and gaming since I was 10 years old Child.

I have used different types of laptops for the past seven years and am still learning more about laptops daily.

Through this reviewpanther.com blog, I want to share my last seven years of experience and knowledge with the rest of the world.

How do we recommend products?

Before publishing any product review or roundup we try to purchase that product but if for any reason that is not possible then we try to borrow that gadget from our friends.

After that, we did comprehensive testing on that gadget and then we write a review article.

But every time it is not possible to buy a new launch laptop or find it among friends.

In this situation we did comprehensive research online about the laptop battery backup, performance, build quality other various things then we write a review article.

But You can trust us that we will never recommend any wrong product to your readers, or any gadget that does not justify its price.

Now you probably have a little idea about who we are and what we do.

So please keep reading our articles and let us know if our articles make your buying decision easier or not.

If you want to contact us for any reason, you can contact us at info@reviewpanther.com or you can visit our Contact page.

Thanks to be a part of reviewpanther.com