16 Useful laptop Keyboard Shortcut Keys For saving your time in 2021

To become a computer expert you need to learn everything related to computers and laptops.

These days shortcut keys are very important to do your task quickly For that you need to know all kinds of shortcut keys combinations.

many of us still don’t know any shortcut keys combinations for them, we’ve created these 16 Useful laptop Keyboard Shortcut Keys Comprehensive articles.

16 Useful laptop Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Laptop shortcut keys will not only save you time but you will also be able to explain to your friends that you are a computer expert.

Another important thing is that you do not have to repeatedly touch your laptop mouse, you can control everything from your keyboard.

16 Useful laptop Keyboard Shortcut Keys

easy multitasking Shortcut Keys

The next useful shortcut key combination is the alt + tab.

Using this shortcut key combination you can switch between multiple software on your laptop.

The Shortcut key combination is very helpful when you do multitasking.

easy multitasking Shortcut Keys

Laptop shutdown key combination

Normally we shut down the laptop by clicking on Windows then clicking on the power switch but you can do this if you want through the shortcut key.

For doing this using the shortcut key first you need to press alt + F4 then press Enter.

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to shut down your laptop.

Laptop shutdown key combination

Minimise software shortcut keys

For example, you doing multitasking and at the same time, you run more than 5 to 7 software In this case, if you have to go to your desktop, then you have to minimize many tabs.

 In such a situation, the easiest way is the shortcut key combination.

For minimising all of your tabs you need to press Windows + D at the same time.

If you want to open them all together even so you need to use the  Windows + D shortcut combination.

Minimise software shortcut keys

Task manager opening shortcut key

This is one of the most important task managers opening shortcut key combinations.

This shortcut key combination is very helpful in case your laptop stops working or software starts lagging.

For opening your task manager you need to press control+ alt + delete key combination on your laptop.

undo and redo key

This key combination is helpful for every productivity worker and office employee.

For example, you delete any specific file or any text then you can use undo by clicking control + z for restoring that files.

These shortcut keys are helpful for any designing and productivity task.

we use Control + Y (undo) key when we bring back a task and when we want to get it back to its previous state.

window + arrow shortcut Keys

Another windows key feature is minimising your software and tabs.

For minimising your software without a mouse you can use window key + Arrows.

For minimising left you can press the Windows + left arrow for minimising right you can press the Windows + right arrow.

This trick is very helpful when you want to run two software side by side.

window + arrow shortcut Keys

Window + number key

This is another helpful laptop short keys combination.

Using your laptop window key combination you can access all the taskbar pin software.

If you want to open the first software of your taskbar then press Windows + 1 on your laptop keyboard and if you want to open the second software then press windows + 2.

You can open each application in your taskbar with this shortcut keys combination.

Window + number key

File explorer shortcut key

There are many situations when you have to open File Explorer. without a mouse, you can open it with a shortcut key.

For opening file explorer you can use the Windows + E shortcut key on your laptop keyboard.

File explorer shortcut key.

System feature shortcut keys.

This is a very important laptop shortcut key that we use regularly.

Using this shortcut key you can access all your important options including task manager, device manager, network connections, disk management system, and computer management etc option.

for Enabling this you need to use Windows + X on your laptop keyboard.

System feature shortcut keys.

Magnifier shortcut key

Another laptop short key is the windows + +- symbol.

This combination is used when we make the screen of a computer smaller or larger.

Using the window + + We can enlarge the screen using the window + –symbol We can make the screen smaller.

Magnifier shortcut key

Lock screen shortcut key.

We come across many situations when we want to lock the screen without closing our background application for some time, in which case this shortcut key will be very helpful.

For using this you need to press the Windows + L shortcut key on your laptop keyboard.

Browser new tab opening key combination

Normally we open a new tab by clicking the Plus symbol on our browser but you can open a new tab using the shortcut key combination.

For opening a new tab you need to press control + T on your laptop then a new tab will be open automatically.

Browser new tab opening key combination

Laptop browser restoring key combination

The shortcut key combination is helpful when you using your Chrome or any other web browsing software.

There are many situations when we use our browser when we accidentally close a tab

In that case, if you need to restore it, you might want to open the setting and go back to History, but you can easily restore it with a shortcut key.

For restoring your tab you need to press control + shift+ T on your laptop keyboard.

Laptop browser restoring key combination

Bookmark shortcut key

Bookmark is also another helpful feature to quickly access our favourite websites and web pages.

For bookmarking any website you can use control + D on your laptop keyboard.

Bookmark shortcut key.

The task of delete and backspace

These days almost every people think that the task of delete and backspace is similar but that is not the case.

Backspace will help you to delete text from the back and the Delete switch will help to delete text from the front.

Also using a delete key you can delete all your temporary files software and folders.

The task of delete and backspace

Download menu opening shortcut key

for opening your download option quickly you need to press the control + j shortcut key combination on your laptop keyboard.

Download menu opening shortcut key

Last Few Word

This is our comprehensive article on 16 useful laptop keyboard shortcut keys.

In this article, I try to include all the important and useful shortcut key combination which can save our lots of time.

All the keyboard combinations we mentioned in this list can work with laptops as well as computers.

If you think in our list we didn’t include your favourite shortcut key combination then comment below I will definitely include that in our next article

while using all these shortcut keys if you face any problem then let me know I will definitely reply back your comment within an hour.

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